Donald Trump is Not racist: There’s a Reason the Media Want You to Think He Is

by Mark Angelides

For those that cry “racist!” when discussing governmental policy, they should really start looking at what the word racist actually means. It is apparent to most why many in the media would inaccurately use this word. It is powerful, divisive and has a shock value that creates in people a wish to disassociate themselves. And this is exactly why the media and the Democrats are using it so frequently.
What better way to hinder new policy than by encouraging people to stand against it on the grounds of racism.
The New York Times said it, the Hill said it and of course the Huffington post even has a list of perceived racist acts.
What they are really saying is that President’s Trump’s policies are “protectionist”, but they won’t use that word because its implications are (can be) positive. From the globalist standpoint, protectionism is negative, from the individual standpoint; to know that your government is setting out policies to protect your livelihood is positive.
Here are a few of the “Racist” things that Donald Trump has in store for the US:
Protectionist Trade Policy:
Trump’s trade policy has been described as racist by media groups including the Huffington Post (of course) and Salon. Having a trade policy that encourages factories to stay and set up in the US is racist against who exactly? Do non-whites not work in factories? This policy is good for all Americans who rely on a wage packet, blue collar workers come from a multitude of races and countries, protecting their futures is not a bad thing.
The Wall
A wall is not racist. A wall is bricks and mortar. A wall does not pick and choose based on one’s ethnic background. It has been called racist by none other than former Mexican President Vicente Fox. Clearly they don’t mean that the actual wall is racist, but they do mean that his intentions behind the wall are racist.
Firstly, one third of all countries in the world are in the process of either building or maintaining border walls. Are they racist? Was their intent racist?
Bill Clinton received a standing ovation from the Democrats for actually building a wall on the US/Mexican border: 300 odd miles of it. Was he racist? Was his intent racist?
In 2006, Democrat support for a wall included such notables as Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Chuck Schumer. Are they racist? Is their intent racist?
At the end of the day, a country without walls or effective borders will eventually fail. Tax money is spent on services that don’t go to the end user. Schools and hospitals become overcrowded and crime increases. Trump’s decision to build a wall is not racist. It is a logical policy that has few if any negative impacts on US citizens (and that includes legal Mexicans).
“He Has KKK Support”
Well someone had to. No matter what we may think of racist people, to say that they should be denied a vote for their opinions is not constitutional. That David Duke suggested he supports Trump is (or should be) no reflection on President Trump. If we are guilty by association, let’s look at Hillary Clinton’s mentor and friend Robert Byrd, Klan member and recruiter. Or if we are guilty by having supporters who are racist, then Barak Obama should have done a lot more to disavow the Black panthers who supported him.

But in the end, all of these challenges, protests, cries of racism, legal challenges are all just one thing: electioneering. They Globalists are losing their power base and need to get their people back in place. This is nothing but an early campaign.