Donald Trump to Name the Owner of NY Jets as an Ambassador to the UK, Twitter Reacts

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by Amna El Tawil
It looks like the next ambassador to the United States to the UK will be the owner of NY Jets, Woody Johnson. During a luncheon in Washington, the President-elect introduced the NFL tycoon as the ambassador which prompted media representatives to consider this, a pretty much, done deal.
The Guardian writes that Johnson is a 69-year-old businessman and philanthropist. He is also a longstanding Republican donor but came relatively late to supporting Donald Trump’s election campaign. He served as finance chairman on Jeb Bush’s campaign to win the Republican nomination until it collapsed in February last year. Johnson only endorsed Trump in May, but emerged as a major fundraiser in the final months of the campaign and served on his inaugural committee.
Once confirmed by the senate, Johnson will be the sixth businessman in a row to be appointed as ambassador to the UK, which has emerged as a top reward for wealthy campaign donors in the US political system.
The CNBC tweeted breaking the news to inform about the likely appointment of the next ambassador in the UK.

This triggered Twitter users to write their reactions.

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4 thoughts on “Donald Trump to Name the Owner of NY Jets as an Ambassador to the UK, Twitter Reacts”

  1. Its an two way system, the Brits whom is on an island, and the UssA, witch by size alone is massive and what is the problem.
    Fishery, is under national control, the Scots have if smart to realize this, and use the Brexit for what it intended to be, self governing and control over resources, and then the independence of EUroCrauts whom right now is drooling stupidity’s and howls bits of info that makes no sense what so ever.
    The Pound is pounded, so what, its way over rated anyway, to export, an decline is an option of several things, lower prices outside to export marked, makes vacations to the isle a bit more normal regarding the high level the pond is in right now, everything dont need to be painted black, and to alter the course takes time.
    But the picture looks good, some bumbs whom are basically home made by an obscure sect of politicians whom still dont take this as serious as they should have, but dont see anything of dooms day flashing signs but the Banking system as in the UssA is both rotten, and austerity should be an thing of the past, bailouts, is socialisng private owned debt onto the people, and is on top of it by all definitions, theft..
    You need to grab some balls, and make them dance the way You want them to dance.
    The potential is there, what needs is the will to take it, f…. the EU, and think about your future, and never forget this, the world is more than the Canal to France.


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