Donald Trump to Order Construction of Mexico Wall and Ban Visas to Citizens of “Terror-Prone” Countries

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by Amna El Tawil
According to reports, President Donald Trump will order the construction of Mexico border wall today. White House officials told the New York Times that Mr. Trump will order the construction of a Mexican border wall — the first in a series of actions this week to crack down on immigrants and bolster national security, including slashing the number of refugees who can resettle in the United States and blocking Syrians and others from “terror-prone” nations from entering, at least temporarily.
Building a wall along the border with Mexico was one of Donald Trump’s biggest campaign promises and he plans to keep it. He firmly believes that doing so would put a stop to the influx of illegal immigrants coming into the United States today.
Last night he tweeted that he plans to engage in national security issues in a bid to keep as many promises as he gave throughout his campaign.

The move begins a multi-day roll out of immigration actions that are also expected to include moves related to refugees and visas. Trump will make the announcement during a visit to the Department of Homeland Security at 1:25 p.m. ET.
The president plans to issue two executive orders today during his visit to the Department of Homeland Security. The first will direct the agency to begin construction of the border wall, as well as take steps to repair existing areas of fencing along the frontier between the US and Mexico. The order will also include a mandate to increase staff at Customs and Border Protection by 5,000 and alleviate the flood of migrants fleeing violence in Central America. Trump’s executive order will require DHS to publicly detail what aid is currently directed to Mexico, an indication of an eventual move toward redirecting some of that money to fund the wall’s construction — and giving cover for a longstanding campaign promise to have Mexico pay for the structure.
On the other hand, a second order will work to eliminate so-called “sanctuary cities,” where municipal governments refuse to hand over undocumented immigrants to federal authorities. That order will triple resources for Immigration and Custom Enforcement and direct the federal government to identify criminal aliens in the US.
As already mentioned, this week Trump plans to take action on visas and refugees. It’s assumed he’ll most likely do it tomorrow, Thursday. This way a program for admitting Syrian refugees, who are fleeing civil war and a humanitarian crisis, would be ended indefinitely.

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8 thoughts on “Donald Trump to Order Construction of Mexico Wall and Ban Visas to Citizens of “Terror-Prone” Countries

  1. Thank you Donald Trump!!! MOST politicians seldom even acknowledge the promises they made during the campaign. He’s treating this like his immediate to do list! Putting reporters in a spin! This is the difference between getting a businessman as POTUS as opposed to lifetime politicians who get paid off to do the bidding of the NWO agenda!!!
    P.S., Illegal alien voters?!!! They don’t acknowledge the fact that OBAMA OPENLY encouraged illegal aliens to vote, assuring no repercussions (Hilllary was suppose to win). This seems to be the overriding reason that they complain that minorities have difficulty getting proper ID to vote! MAJOR BS for the elder and minorities in Americans who are here LEGALLY! All it takes is a week wait and about $12 to get a copy of your birth certificate!!! PLUS, you known since forever when the next election will take place, if interested, you have more than enough time to get it!!! It’s the illegal alien “voters” who are challenged if they have to produce more than a DL in a state that allows them to get them! GAME OVER!!!
    I just love the way reporters/pundents continue with business as usual, trying to discredit Trump while they are fading into eternal non existence!


    • Sense the invaders are on there way out(Thanks to the real POTUS) this should be completed by 2020, this can happen without spending 1 penny, you have 6 months to get your affairs in order (sell property, close out acc. and so forth) if you are still here after that we will seize all assets and you will go to prison for 5 years then deport you, thats it, they would self deport and head out by the millions..done…

  2. I love this. The fact he is actually doing what he said, is stunning. He has done more for the American people, than Obama did the entire time. Americans want a president to put them first – I love how they come up with name for being a patriot.

  3. But …but Jews want to bring Moslems into the USA so they can rape our women and children. Then we will see how bad they are. Soros is paying for these angry young men to come to America. Don’t you want to help Israel and the Jews??? That would be anti Semitic and against the Khazarians from southern Russia who make up the bulk of the Israelis.

    • Thats what arms are for, no scumbag Moosey is having his way with me Ill double tap him right between the eyes, and my years of firearms training will make sure it goes down just that fast, if you woman are not carrying get to work men, she will love you for it.

      • No women in the western world should be treated the way some Muslims treat women. You should not be subjected to the US courts because our politicians are on the ‘take’ from people like Soros. And the petophilia, child organ harvesting and human sacrifice carried on by people like Pedestal is even worse.
        I am not against a woman president, but not the likes of Hillary. There are plenty of decent women, Cynthia McKinney for example. She is the black that should have been president, not the Obama who was playing ping pong with children at the Comet Pizza restaurant. Check out PIZZAGATE if you want to know what our elite are like. Trump is likewise subject to question because he has two Israeli sons in law. This is how our elite keep our politicians in line.

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