Donald Trump wants allies to pay much more for hosted US troops

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Donald Trump wants allies to pay much more for hosted US troops

US President Donald Trump wants countries hosting US troops to pay 150 percent of the cost or more, a report says. Germany could be one of the countries asked to pay the most.

Countries hosting US forces could in future be asked to cough up five or six times the money they pay now for the privilege if the US Trump administration gets its way, according to reports in US media.

The Bloomberg news agency reported last week that the administration was working on plans to demand that countries such as Germany and Japan pay the full costs of the deployment plus 50 percent or more.

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Germany, which hosts the second-largest US military presence abroad after Japan, could be hard-hit by the demand.

Any demand for more money from Germany could boost resistance to the presence of US troops there, something that has long been a source of controversy in the country.…a-47848232



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