Donald Trump: "WMD's were a lie, the invasion of Iraq was a lie, everything in Washington has been a lie"

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Trump knows

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23 thoughts on “Donald Trump: "WMD's were a lie, the invasion of Iraq was a lie, everything in Washington has been a lie"

  1. An frendly advice.
    It may be a bitt contruversial but the end justifyes the means, right yankees.
    Amnesty, we know who they are, we know the enxtent of the damages, look around you and you see it for your self and dont need another one to say this, end the wars, draw back the miltary witch is far bigger than the rest of the world even combined and you whine even more about Someone attacing you.
    And an selfimposed paranoia pimed to religious hights, and all backed by flatout lies and forgerys of basicly every thing.
    And you belive it all.
    “if it wherent for the lapptop il slam my fore head into the board, jesus f… christ you are filed to the brim with shit”
    Give the wall street an ultimatum, the FeD an ultimatum, because if the banana republic UssA, whom is using half of its anuale income on WARS, ad half of the rest upon various Intresses upon loand whom is gone into an massive black hole.
    You, where mass diaspears but the infor remains, never forgett that, wall street.
    The dogmas about Inflation and Deflation is our newest delutional religious belife, alone with the enev more insane AGW aka the CarboNazis.
    I have NO problems with alternative energies, but windmills are an scam, solar panels with is my favorie, is so lousy it in the ratio of eficiency it hurts.
    Close to crapp, and overpiced to Rolls Rocy level.
    And besides, if the ratio of new ideas is cept alive we will have other means, that is what I belive, im no doomsday preatcher I hate them from the bottom of my hart.
    If not, well, I simply dont know, but the present path is not a sustanable one, we all know that.
    “Because there are three classes of intellects: one which comprehends by
    itself; another which appreciates what others comprehend; and a third
    which neither comprehends by itself nor by the showing of others; the
    first is the most excellent, the second is good, the third is useless.”
    Niccolò Machiavelli,
    The Prince

  2. Come on, Donald. Grow a pair and add to your gutsy condemnation of the lies that Bush-Cheney and their mostly jewish gang of lying, mass murdering neo-cons told to snooker the US public into letting them go to war against Iraq – and point out that 9-11 itself was a false flag operation that was pulled off by the Israeli Mossad, who had the cooperation of the neo-cons, the approval of the Bush-Cheney White House, with active participation by rogue elements within the CIA, NSA, and Pentagon itself – and then, also point out to the former Mossad operative Wolf Blitz that the jewish controlled mainstream media helped with the spreading of those lies and played a key role in the subsequent effort to coverup the role that the Israelis played in that event. That the mainstream jewish controlled media played a key role in trying to keep a lid on the 9-11 Truth Movement, whenever they tried to point out the glaring holes and contradictory evidence that surrounded the 9-11 event and which totally debunked the official pile of steaming neocon baloney narrative that we were being fed.
    Also, point out that Michael Chertoff, who was the right hand man under John Ashcroft at the Justice Department arranged to quietly whisk back to Israel over 200 Israeli spies who had been operating inside the USA on and before September 11, 2001 and who had, according to Carl Cameron on Faux News, ‘connections to 9-11 that were classified.’ Point out that there were Israeli’s arrested who were caught driving a van that contained bags of cash and that materials inside the van tested positive for explosives.
    Oh, and while you’re at it – do us a favor and ask Wolf Blitz about that fireproof passport that somehow flew out of the fireball and fluttered across the New York City skyline and came to a convenient rest on a pile of rubble, so as to allow a mysterious passerby to pick it up and turn it into the authorities – who then offered it up as proof that the planes were hijacked by 19 Arab Goat Herders who all had goat poop stains on their toenails.
    Oh, and don’t forget to ask why it was that, when asked to testify before the lame 9-11 Investigation commission – Bush
    and Cheney issued 3 demands as a requirement before they would agree to testify. First, they demanded that they be questioned together and not separately, Second, they demanded that no audio or video recording be made of their testimony, and Third, they refused to testify under oath (avoiding a future perjury charge, eh?).

    • He knows, but at this time the media would hammer him and accuse him of being a “crazy conspiracy theorist”. Trump will also investigate the Obama fake birth certificate and college records. If fake, the Obama administration would be null and void. Vote him in and be patient…

      • Refer to my post above. “The Donald” will NEVER be allowed to advance. Period. If there actually were elections in 2016 you would be looking at a Hillary vs. Jeb Bush ticket. As if there was any difference anyway.
        I would say the same thing about Trump. He has donated VERY generously to the Clintons over the years. As well as to Obama’s 2012 campaign. Come on people! Do you really think these bastards represent people like you or I? Think about it. Get as far away from ALL mainstream news sources as you can. Think for your self.

    • ……………no doubt that he has to stay alive to do anyone any good. It appears that everything in the Bush and Clinton path get wiped out if it is too loud. Must just be a coincidence. If one believes in them.

    • First off, there will never be another US presidential election. We will be under martial law by then. We NEVER elected our presidents anyway. I’m constantly amazed at how naive people are to think that our votes ever mattered. They INSTALL whoever they want. Both parties are bought and controlled so whoever you vote for, whoever they choose to install into office is already on board with the agenda given them by their luciferian masters. You cannot solve a spiritual problem with a political solution. The best thing a person could do is REFUSE to vote and further give legitimacy to this sham.

  3. Just like Trump’s presidential run is a lie!! One thing I will say, he is speaking for the elites, and they are saying – game over – you lose!

  4. Yep , exposing as a price that $$$$$ can”t buy, if he gets power he ll realise he s a puppet and corrupted he will be

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