BREAKING — NOW! Ukraine Erupts into all-out WAR! Cease Fire Ends as multiple cities come under attack, hundreds dead, cities burning!

The French/German-brokered “Minsk Agreement” designed to bring a cease fire and peace to Ukraine has been abandoned by both sides this evening. EXTREMELY HEAVY FIGHTING has erupted in multiple Ukrainian cities which are now under attack by rockets, mortars and heavy artillery fire.
Several cities are now burning and hundreds are already dead.
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Donetsk, Starobesheve, Bezimenne, Komsomolske, Horlivka, Tel’manovo, Staroihnativka, Avdiivka, Makiivka, Yakovlivka – attacks everywhere
Video of Donetsk being shelled (right Now) below. . . . .More to follow

DPR officially announces they have returned heavy artillery to the front ! ! !

Column of Russian Tanks has entered Ukraine from Izvarino and is moving against Luhansk;39.79042&zoom=8
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Intense shelling from multiple positions started in #Donetsk
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‘South of #Donetsk very heavy combat, i see lots of explosions there, very scary’
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Intense shelling started also in #Starohnativka.

#Mariupol can hear heavy shelling from the east.
Enrico Ivanov ‏@Russ_Warrior 2 min.
Intensity of Ukrainian shellings on #Putilovka and #Spartak is increasing!
Suburbs of #Donetsk.
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Enrico Ivanov ‏@Russ_Warrior 52 sek.
SIT REP Ukrainian shellings on #Sahanka and #Oktyabr (with MRLS Grad)!
East of #Mariupol