Doug Casey: We Are Now Exiting The Eye Of The Hurricane & Rapidly Heading Towards The Greater Depression; Jeff Berwick: A Collapse Is Being Planned For September, Moving The World Closer To A One World Government.

Published on Aug 12, 2015

NY Times best selling author and world renowned investor Doug Casey, along with Jeff Berwick of Anarchast fame sit down with GoldSeek TV Anchor Vanessa Collette for an in-depth, unfiltered & unscripted conversation about a potential imminent financial collapse. Doug believes we are now exiting the eye of the hurricane and rapidly heading towards what he terms the Greater Depression, and Jeff Berwick believes a collapse is being planned for September, moving the world closer to a one world government.

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13 thoughts on “Doug Casey: We Are Now Exiting The Eye Of The Hurricane & Rapidly Heading Towards The Greater Depression; Jeff Berwick: A Collapse Is Being Planned For September, Moving The World Closer To A One World Government.”

    • You succumb to the brilliant tactics of the of the jesuit order to resort to blaming the Jews. It’s not to say that there aren’t bad intentioned Jews, but then again, aren’t there good and bad of every ethnicity?
      The cancer has spread throughout the world and you’d be surprised that it did not start it “Amerika”,that is started to spread long before 1776, and that the tumor had it’s genesis far from the uSA.

        • So? There may be a few more than just two nations in the world, the United States and Israel, who stand for the right while the rest of the world rages and threatens war because these two refuse to join the destroyers or just quetly stand by and watch it happen. Your majority believe they are the peacekeepers, while in reality they are the destroyers of mankind and the planet. When I refer to the United States, I refer to red-blooded Americans, but you would have to go back 30 years to see how America was really and truly good. Today there is just a remnant of that era remaining.

          • Amerika and Israel ARE the problem, in case you didn’t understand my post.
            These 2 nations are the greatest exporters of terrorism on earth. Period.

        • The White House is just having a little tiff with Israel because they can’t agree on Iran.
          Don’t act all surprised…
          And don’t believe anything that comes out of the White House these days either…

    • America will be too incapacitated to run anything by that point …. watch and see.
      Debt, division and debauchery. The 3 Ds that will bring down America. Sadly.

  1. I don’t know of anyone who has not at least heard a reference to the new world order. I even know people who support this type of government but the reasons they use their support are flawed. I feel they will change their mind after the collapse of the dollar. What I don’t understand is how the people behind this plan could ever expect the population of the earth to go along with them. How they think for one minute that after taking their money, the people would allow them to control anything ever again. It is delusional. These people will be lucky to be able to see the light of day without someone trying to kill them. God gave the human being free will and the desire to be free, these two things are ingrained in people. It is called humanity. Ordinary people do not hate each other, only governments do that. There is only one way to impose this new world order upon the people of earth and that is to remove humanity and the only way to do that is killing them. Sadly these power hungry people are so short sighted that they cannot see there will be no limit in this killing and many of them will be killed by those they have been supporting. Greed, lust and murder are sins that those in government have no problem committing. It is truly sad we are lead by such people.

    • you only thought it half way through. they don’t get a say in either or not to do the one world government, they are being told by their leader. if they refuse death is quick and another steps up. you don’t understand the whole story. at a young age their leader comes to them, this is before they know how the world works, their leader ask, how would you like to be rich, famous, whatever and then it is given to them, then many years later the leader comes back and tell them for all that i have given you you must, whatever he wants done. this is how the devil songs are written and sung on the radio. the people are so stupid they sing along to pure evil. the one world government is about to happen, we are days away. the prisoners, the leaders take the masses into their grasp and will there be killing, yes and lots of it. they are so dark inside killing eases the pain of the prison that has become home. when they sell their souls it isn’t after death, it is on the spot, a darkness you and i can’t understand takes them over and death is no out it only gets much worse upon reaching the others side. the mark of the beast is next. forced on all. die first, you will be glad you did.
      oh, you might ask how i know about what i just talked about? their leader came to me when i was 17. i turned him down flat. their war is against love itself. dead men and women walking. i watched obama take the deal, he was living in Kenya and he was very young. his job is to do the mark and he will do what he is told…

  2. the mark of the beast is next, the gold and silver will be worthless, thrown into the street. go eat some gold. die first, before taking their mark it steals the soul and darkness falls on you that mins, all hope is gone and it never comes back…

    • Umm… buy some extra food then?
      Nobody is saying to just buy gold or silver and ‘eat’ that.
      Might want to buy some ammo too. And watch ‘No Escape’ when it comes to theaters near you next week. I got to watch ‘No Escape’ a few days ago through special invitation and I can tell you that although it happened in Thailand…. I see that as the future of America. You really should watch it and see what happens to ‘normal’ people when times get desperate.
      Coming soon to a neighborhood near you….


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