Don't Be Fooled: Iran Protests Are Not What They Seem

by Daniel Carter
Political unrest has recently taken Iran by storm. Violent protests have spread throughout multiple cities. At least 20 protesters opposing the Iranian government have been killed and many more have been injured. The death toll could be a lot higher as these are the numbers being presented by the Iranian government. Below you can see a video from the New York Times, which well represents the official narrative of the mainstream media. The media is correct in attributing the anger of the protesters to economic hardships, unkept government promises and an out of touch Muslim theocracy. However, as usual, the media is leaving out incredibly important details.

The most important detail about these protests is that the US military industrial complex wants nothing more than to destabilize the Iranian government. This is not conspiracy or speculation. This is what has been the plan long before 9/11 gave the US government an excuse to invade the Middle East. Seventeen years after the US started its Middle East conquest, it now finally has a chance to topple one of the most powerful governments in the region. Iran is the most powerful government in the Middle East that still stands in opposition to the US. Along with Saudi Arabia and Israel, the US’s plan to control the region’s natural resources is almost complete. Below is a video of General Wesley Clark explaining the Deep State’s plan in more detail.

As the author of the Art of War, Sun Tzu, once said “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” If the US Deep State plays their cards right – and it appears they are –, they can bring down the Iranian government without firing a single shot or launching a single missile. This is best achieved through economic warfare. It’s no secret that the CIA is well-versed in economic warfare. The secret is how they are currently destabilizing Iran’s economy. However, we can make some educated guesses. In the NYT video above, they mention that food (specifically eggs) prices skyrocketed because of the bird flu. It would not be above the CIA’s code of ethics to plant the bird flu in Iranian farms.
It is also possible that Saudi Arabia and the United States worked together to crash the oil markets in 2014. They both oversupplied the market with oil and refused to stop producing. This led to a crash that devastated Iran’s economy. Yes, the crash hurt the US and Saudi economies as well. However, they were much more equipped to handle the crash. For the Saudis and the US, it’s worth the short-term pain if they can bring down the Iranian government in the long-run.
The most obvious way the US is trying to destabilize Iran is through economic sanctions. The US government has been hitting Iran with economic sanctions almost nonstop since 1979. This has put tremendous downward pressure on Iran’s economic growth. As a result, the Iranian people have had much less of a chance at economic prosperity. Now their woes have gotten so bad that they might overthrow the government themselves; doing the Deep State’s job for them.
Don’t get wrapped up in the mainstream bickering over Iran. Because Trump said he supported the protesters, the left automatically took the other side. But the truth is, war hawks of all sides support the overthrow of the Iranian government. I’m not saying their government is good either. In fact, it’s most likely terrible. However, look at the devastation the US has caused in other countries where it has toppled governments. If the Iran people are going to improve their country, it must be done on a grassroots level. The Iranian people should be extremely skeptical of the US government’s involvement in the situation, and so should US citizens.