Why Democracy Is Overrated

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by Daniel Carter
I know, speaking disparagingly about democracy is considered blasphemy by most Americans. For many decades, US citizens have been taught to uncritically support the democratic system. Both republicans and democrats have accepted democracy as the only viable option of governance. However, what if I told you that the founders of the US were terrified that their beloved system would someday turn into a democracy?
This wasn’t just one or two founding fathers that had some oddball ideas. Almost every founder once warned us of this corrupt system. Below are just some of their numerous criticisms:

These brilliant men did not mince words. They made it abundantly clear in their writings that democracy was to be avoided if the American people wanted to maintain a free society.
The founders hated democracy because it was antithetical to the enlightenment principals that they wanted to model their government on. The founders looked up to enlightenment philosophers such as Francis Bacon, David Hume, John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Adam Smith and many others. These philosophers taught the world the importance of individualism and self-autonomy outside the bounds of government forces. They stressed the importance of free thought and free speech, and built the basis almost all the freedoms we enjoy today.
Democracy, on the other hand, is something that diminishes the power of the individual. It puts the majority’s rights above the individual’s rights. It is a hindrance to freedom if the majority decides freedom is not important. We can see democracy’s assault on freedom clearly in today’s society. For example, consider the gun debate. Why is this even a debate? People that are pro-gun know that it is their God-given (“natural” if you don’t believe in God) right to protect themselves from anyone that wishes to do them harm, including governments. Democracy has led the useful idiots of the Deep State to believe that they have a vote on other people’s rights.
Democracy also encourages people to live at the expense of everyone else.  Why pay for your own healthcare when you can vote for others to pay for it? Why save money to go to college when you can vote for someone else to pay for it? Why be a productive human being at all when you can simply vote to live off someone else’s productivity?
In a republic – which is what America originally was – these issues were not up for debate on the federal level. If you wanted to organize social safety nets, you could do it on the local level. If someone did not like the local system, they could move while still enjoying the individual freedoms that were protected on the federal level.
Democracy is not only overrated, it’s a direct assault on personal freedom. Don’t let phony politicians convince you that democracy is virtuous. Don’t let phony politicians convince you that putting the word “democratic” in front of the word “socialism” makes either acceptable. If we choose to move toward a freer society, we are going to have to figure out how to restore the republic while lessening the impact of democracy.

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