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The story is all too familiar: America is facing a historic crime wave, and guns are to blame. With shootings and school violence near all-time highs, it’s time to have a serious talk about the Second Amendment and gun ownership in the modern world.

Did that opening get your attention? It should, but mainly because it’s blatantly false.

You wouldn’t know it by listening to the mainstream media, however. That false appraisal of crime in the U.S. is often spread by voices on the left, but the actual facts paint a very different picture.

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It turns out that even as concealed carry has become mainstream and the much-maligned AR-15 has become one of the most popular rifles in America, the gun crime rate has declined.

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If you look at paintings of European citizens of the last several centuries many are carrying swords. Life in the era before police was very dangerous and people carried guns and knives for protection. It is NO DIFFERENT NOW. The only reason the leftists want to take away your guns is to leave you defenseless against a totalitarian government. All totalitarian governments of both right and left started by taking guns away.

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