Don’t come to Seattle: Newly appointed King County Sheriff calls her department a ‘paramilitary organization’

Don’t come here, our largest county is moving to complete takeover. The last 10 years, they have treated all of us like cattle in providing them tax revenues to maintain their benefits while everything crumbles around us. Citizens are bowing to these people so they can keep their jobs and coffee shops. This is some freaky sh!t

Interim sheriff Patti Cole-Tindall described her department as a “paramilitary organization” one week before her council hearing and confirmation vote to be sworn in as King County Sheriff.

“We are a paramilitary organization. We have accountability here at the sheriff’s office, and we will hold people accountable if we learned that they are actively working against the mission and goal of this agency,” Cole-Tindall told Gee and Ursula on KIRO Newsradio.

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Cole-Tindall doubled down on that description, describing her office the same way again in response to a question about internal accountability.

“By our leadership team and myself as the sheriff, demonstrating that behavior, I believe that that will reflect in how our employees act and react and how they show up. So we, as a paramilitary organization, hold people accountable for when they don’t do the things that we are supposed to do,” Cole-Tindall said.


Frustrated small business owners say they deal with crime and people suffering from mental illness and addiction on a daily basis, and they feel like they’re on their own. Amy Craven said her 11-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son were top of mind when she was attacked by the dogs, both a pit bull mix, while on a walk near Good Turn Park, just a few blocks from her home. Fully two years into the global COVID-19 pandemic, some people in Washington state and beyond say they have reached a point of indifference.

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