Don’t forget about the cheapest, most effective remedy we have available against viruses: garlic

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We know about the flu basics: vitamins A,C,D, zinc and quercetin, and maybe ivermectin if you need it.

But there is something in everyone’s fridge that is extremely potent and cheap as hell.

Years ago I got very ill from parasites, the bloodwork showed I was heavily infected with all kinds of shit in my bloodstream, yeast, amoebas, flagellates, the works. I was loaded. And my liver couldn’t tolerate oral antibiotics. So I looked for alternatives online while we waited on some injectable antibiotics. I decided to try garlic, even though it sounded too good to be true.

I chewed one large clove every morning and evening for a month. Then did bloodwork again. All gone, every last one. It’s not just parasites, garlic will work against anything. It’s a good thing I tried this because the injectable antibiotics never showed up.

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It burns your mouth like hell if you chew it, just crush it up real good into a paste and mix with a little bit of honey. If you don’t have a cast iron stomach you want to do it after some food or it could burn and make you uncomfortable.

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“Key findings and conclusions: Pre-clinical data demonstrated that garlic and its OSCs have potential antiviral activity against different human, animal and plant pathogenic viruses through blocking viral entry into host cells, inhibiting viral RNA polymerase, reverse transcriptase, DNA synthesis and immediate-early gene 1(IEG1) transcription, as well as through downregulating the extracellular-signal-regulated kinase (ERK)/mitogen activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathway. The alleviation of viral infection was also shown to link with immunomodulatory effects of garlic and its OSCs. Clinical studies further demonstrated a prophylactic effect of garlic in the prevention of widespread viral infections in humans through enhancing the immune response. This review highlights that garlic possesses significant antiviral activity and can be used prophylactically in the prevention of viral infections.”

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