DON’T GET COCKY: Day 10 of Trump 50% or higher approval, first since Inauguration, key to reelection.

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For the first time since immediately after his 2017 Inauguration, President Trump has strung together 10 consecutive days of approval ratings of 50% or higher, a level pollsters consider key to winning reelection.

Today’s week-ending Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll had Trump at 52% approval and 48% disapproval.

The string of weekday Rasmussen 50% or higher approval ratings started Sept. 14 with 51%, followed by approval ratings of 51%, 52%, 51%, 53%, 51%, 50%, 50%, 52%, and today’s 52%.

While many national polls are mocked by critics for blowing the 2016 outcome or overplaying Democrats, Rasmussen was one of the closest to call Hillary Rodham Clinton’s popular win margin correctly.


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