DON’T GET COCKY: Democrats are trying their best to keep Trump in the White House.

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via azcentral:

Donald Trump remains a remarkably unpopular president. With the primary campaign in full swing, Americans disapprove of his performance by an 8% margin.

Trump lost the popular vote and squeaked into the Oval Office with the thinnest of electoral victories. He has faced an unprecedented onslaught by the media, popular culture, and even several pundits in his own party.

Given the conditions, winning the White House should be a layup for Democrats. If the first primary debates are any indication, however, they want to make 2020 as difficult as possible.

Over two nights, four hours, and featuring 20 candidates, the NBC News broadcasts were a prime opportunity for the Democratic Party to contrast a serious, center-left vision with the erratic reality TV star Tweeting from the Resolute Desk.

Instead, Democrats lived up to every caricature Trump and Fox News hosts have drawn of them.


JOHN NOLTE: Democrats Just Had Their Worst Week in 47 Years. “Not since the 1972 discovery that George McGovern’s vice presidential pick, Thomas Eagleton, had been hospitalized and given electroshock treatments have the Democrats had a worse week than the one we just concluded.”

The Fake News Media Is the Only Shrinking Institution in America’s Booming Economy

Before 2019 is over, there will be upwards of 12,000 job cuts within the American media. That’s 12,000 fewer Democrat foot soldiers; 12,000 fewer propagandists, serial liars, cheerleaders, and toadies to hold Antifa’s jacket as they beat elderly Trump supporters to death with crowbars.

Every industry in Trump’s America is expanding and thriving … except for the media.

What’s more, the Democrats primary propaganda outlet, the far-left CNN, is hemorrhaging viewers like an Ebola victim hemorrhages solid foods.

Where’s your god now, Jeff Zucker?

Democrats Lost “The Sane One” Joe Biden

Slow Joe will always be the stupid one, the gaffe machine on the verge of imploding, but he has now openly embraced gun confiscation, taxpayer-funded abortions, the banning of every gun currently being manufactured (except those stupid “smart guns”), raising everyone’s taxes, and putting an end to deportations of illegal immigrants. And now, we don’t really know where Creepy Joe stands on awarding health insurance to illegals and decriminalizing illegal immigration because he’s flip-flopping all over the place on those two.

The so-called “sane one” is an aging moron ready to take our guns, ban all the others, and force us to pay for an illegal alien’s abortion.

Much more at the link, but as always, don’t get cocky.



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