DON’T GET COCKY: WaPo/ABC polls: Trump edging Biden in Florida and Arizona now.

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No need to break these polls down, at least not much, just given their sourcing. Normally, Donald Trump does worse in both the Washington Post/ABC and Fox polling series than in others, although not necessarily by wide margins. Given that, the latest results from the WaPo/ABC battleground-state polling should have the White House smiling — and Democrats worried:

President Trump and former vice president Joe Biden are locked in close races in Florida and Arizona, according to a pair of Washington Post-ABC News polls in two Sun Belt battlegrounds the president won in 2016 that are crucial to his hopes for reelection in November.

In Florida, likely voters split 51 percent for Trump to 47 percent for Biden, while registered voters split 47 percent for Trump to 48 percent for Biden. In Arizona, Trump’s margin is even smaller at 49 percent to Biden’s 48 percent among likely voters. Among Arizona’s registered voters, Trump is at 47 percent and Biden at 49 percent. All these differences are within the polls’ margins of sampling error.

The findings in the two surveys are better for the president than other polls conducted in the two states recently by other organizations. The Post’s average of polls this month shows Biden with a two-point advantage in Florida and a six-point margin in Arizona.


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