‘Don’t Interfere!’ — Hungary’s Orbán Says US Democrats Should Stop Telling Others ‘How to Live’

The Democrats in the United States should focus on their own country instead of trying to impose their leftist ideology on the rest of the world, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said.

Speaking with the Bloomberg news agency in an interview at the Qatar Economic Forum in Doha this week, Hungary’s populist-nationalist leader stressed the importance for countries such as the United States to respect the cultural identity of others, particularly for the left-wing Democrat party, which despite professing tolerance as a virtue seems to often struggle to embody it themselves.


Also from the original article:

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Mr Orbán’s domestic agenda, which has emphasised Hungary’s Christian heritage and support for the traditional family structure, and opposition to mass migration and far-left gender ideology being pushed upon children has long drawn the ire of leftists in West, from members of the legacy media, so-called civil society NGOs funded by the likes of George Soros, and politicians from Brussels to Washington.


The country of Hungary has an arrest warrant out for Soros. Trump should have sent Soros to Budapest in chains.



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