Don’t underestimate the modern Democrats’ willingness to double down on economic stupidity. If these new-school Dems actually cared about robust growth, they’d be much more like old-school Dems.

MICHAEL GOODWIN: New York City’s booming economy is bad news for the far left.

Gov. Cuomo, for example, is airing television ads attacking Trump while publicly ignoring his primary opponent, Cynthia Nixon, who is pushing him farther and farther to the left. Cuomo has called the GOP tax cuts a “missile” and a “dagger” aimed at the heart of the state. The state is also suing to overturn the law as unconstitutional.

Those are especially odd claims given that more than 80 percent of state taxpayers got a tax cut under the law, according to nonpartisan estimates. For the one-in-five who will pay the same taxes or more, the chief reason is that they can now deduct only $10,000 of their exorbitant state and local taxes.

If Cuomo and others had reacted to the federal tax law as they should have — by cutting New York taxes — 100 percent of state residents would be paying less.

But too many pols measure success by how much money government spends, not by how much of their own money working families get to keep. And by defying the national trend, Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio and city and state lawmakers are putting New York at a competitive disadvantage.

Don’t underestimate the modern Democrats’ willingness to double down on economic stupidity. If these new-school Dems actually cared about robust growth, they’d be much more like old-school Dems.



Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo mocked President Trump’s ubiquitous “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan on Wednesday, quickly drawing the ire of Republicans for saying that America “was never that great.”

“We are not going to make America great, America. It was never that great,” Mr. Cuomo said. “We have not reached greatness. We will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged.”

Welcome back my friends, to the malaise that never ends.

Related: “Cuomo’s remarks slamming America starkly contrasted with those delivered by his father, former three-term New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, to the Democratic National Convention in 1984. In that address, Mario Cuomo praised America as the greatest country on earth and said he learned about America’s greatness by watching and learning from his parents, Andrew Cuomo’s grandparents, as they built their lives together in New York.”

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Naturally, Cuomo’s office quickly issued a statement backtracking on the New York Democrat’s remarks, but not before, as the Times notes in the first link:

The clip was quickly packaged by Republicans, and Marcus Molinaro, the Republican candidate for governor, said that Mr. Cuomo owed the nation an apology. “America, with its imperfections, has always been great,” Mr. Molinaro said.

ALL THE BEST PEOPLE TOLD ME THAT NONE OF THIS WOULD HAPPEN: July Retail Sales Rock, Productivity Soars Above Expectations, Manufacturing Businesses Booming.


CHANGE: Report: Regulations being cut at record pace, savings double.

Federal agencies, led by Labor and Health and Human Services, are cutting Obama-era regulations and saving money faster than demanded by President Trump, according to a new report.

And as a result, the administration is expected to easily meet the president’s order to cut at least two old regulations for every new one issued and cut the costs of regulations.

“With less than two months remaining in FY 2018, the Trump administration is well on its way to surpassing its regulatory budget goals,” said the new report from American Action Forum, which charts federal regulations.

“Collectively, executive agencies subject to a regulatory budget remain on pace to double the administration’s overall savings goal. On an individual basis, 12 of 22 agencies have already met or surpassed their savings target,” added the report written by Dan Bosch, the director of regulatory policy at the American Action Forum.

Trump is the most conservative, and the most libertarian, president of my lifetime. Granted that’s setting the bar pretty low, but I certainly didn’t expect that.

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