Don't use cheap gas station ATM machines

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Security camera video of two people police say put card skimmers into gas station ATMs around Albuquerque, NM to steal bank information.
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Part 2-

ABQ PD show how suspects tampered with gas station ATM machines by installing parts that steal bank information.

It only takes a few minutes. On the surveillance video, a couple walk into a gas station and head straight for the ATM.
When they get there, the woman looks at lottery tickets while the man installs a skimming device on the machine to steal people’s bank card information.
Officer Simon Drobik said the scheme came to the attention of Albuquerque Police Saturday after an ATM tech found the device at a northeast Albuquerque gas station.
He said the ATM vendor said they have 75 machines inside gas stations around Albuquerque.
When officers were dispatched to check ATMs at other convenience stores and found another device at a gas station in southeast Albuquerque.
Drobik said we could not release the gas station names or information, as the stations had an MOU, or memorandum of understanding, with police.
During the scheme, he said the woman acts as a “ruse” while the man installs two pieces on the ATM; a green cover over card slot with a skimmer inside that reads the magnetic strip and another piece placed above keypad with a camera inside to read the PIN.
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