Doomsday for SOCAL.

by Kingman-Art

It is with deep regret that I have to point out a near future possible
DOOMSDAY for Southern California and other areas of the Southwest.

This is my opinion. No one elses.

Lake Powell and Lake Mead will soon be depeleted to the point where
no electrical Power Generation will happen and sometime later the Colorado
river will dry up. 1320 + 2000 is 3,320 million watts of lost Electricity.

The Real Estate market will disappear as no one will buy a house that has no water. The 40 million plus people will be forced to leave for parts unknown.

The ones who delay by way of denial that this will not happen will be the ones who will be leaving in poverty because they could not sell the house.

I can not be certain as to when these events will happen as there are many, many factors that come into play. Janet Yellen of the Federal Reserve will be yelling that NO ONE could have forseen this coming as the markets go into the crapper. Global Depression.

These events will soon be world news ahead of the Ukraine, stolen elections,
defund the police stuff, open borders engineered by the Democrats; everything.

So here are some youtube links to ponder (there are many others) and then dear readers you decide.

Lake Mead Drought Update!!! What’s Going On?!!!

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What Is Dead Pool? A Water Expert Explains

Lake Mead Will be Gone Soon. Vegas is Likely to Go Next.
Here’s Why. A Lake Mead Documentary Film

How the Lake Mead drought will affect you wherever you live

Govt. Shocked – Efforts To Refill Lake Powell Have Failed

One last comment.

There is a world opinion out there that Global Warming is caused by the increase of CO2 in the Atmosphere and therefor the world needs to
go to Electric Wheels.

The CO2 generated by human activity is not causing the warming of the Earth.

Rather, it is the Warming of the Earth that is causing the Increase in CO2 in the oceans.

CO2 settles to the ground because it is heavier than air.
Just look at Dry Ice in a bucket of water.

This warming of the Earth will be with us for the next 5,125 years.
After that there will be a cooling of the Earth for the next 5,125 years.
There is an interaction between the Gravity Coriolis Effect of the Milkey Way and another galaxy.
If I feel like it perhaps an explanation at a later date.
Until then just remember:
“On a clear Disk, you can seek forever.”


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