Greg Manarino: Worldwide Economic Collapse Coming That Will Trigger World War And Massive World Depopulation

Excellent video content. You don’t have to be “money savvy” to understand most of it.

Printed money is just debt. TIck.

Inflationary banking practices. Tick.

Inevitable worldwide banking collapse soon. TIck.

Inevitable wars, possibly worldwide. Tick.

What they don’t mention, unfortunately, is that with 450 nuclear reactors worldwide and 200 more either under construction or planned, any large scale conflict risks more Fukushima-like scenarios. Fukushima has killed us all – more reactors being destroyed would just accelerate the process.

But nobody wants to address this. *sigh*

Loved the “Hillary would sell Alaska. Hillary would give away Hawaii” statement. I’ve been banging on about this here and elsewhere for years, but I think he’s wrong, in that Bathouse Barry already did those deals – Alaska to Russia and Hawaii to China – the new landlords just haven’t taken possession yet.