“Dovish” Central Banks Will Create the Global Economic Collapse

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Those who do not understand what is laid out in the pages of history will suffer the consequences. We are witnessing cycles repeating. The central bankers are not your friend. They will do everything in their power to ensure that you never rise above. This is why they create booms and busts. This is intentional. Never forget that.

All around the world we see weakness. Why else would central banks all resort to more money printing and ultra low interest rates? The economy is only getting worse and truthfully, it’s about time. It’s been 10 years of money printing and the markets can only hold so much fake money. We see an Economic Detox that needs to happen but instead, we’re getting another shot into the system. Keeping it going just another day. This will be a messy ending.


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Fixed Income – Bloomberg


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1365x-1.png (1365×767)


Europe’s Central Bank Ends One of the Biggest Money-Printing Programs Ever – The New York Times


Bank of Canada holds interest rate steady, hints low rates could stick around | CBC News


Australia central bank holds interest rates steady at 1.5 percent


Mozambique Keeps Interest Rate at Record Low on Stable Inflation – BNN Bloomberg


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bfmAA01.jpg (976×511)


Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank Remain ‘Solid’ Despite Merger Collapse -Bundesbank


OECD iLibrary | Net lending/borrowing by sector



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