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They put their names on a piece of paper that will incriminate them and show that there ws a clear intent to steal an election. An election that was supposed to end with a Hillary Clinton win and it didn’t to the shock and awe of many who had banked on it. Since Hillary didn’t win, and many thought she would, files were not cleaned of incriminating evidence. Now that there are investigations by Trump looking for truth, he has found more corruption surrounding him than he could have ever imagined. Men and women who have looked him in the face and lied. Men and women who are supposed to be supporting him who have conspired to remove him from his position.

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How is Donald Trump supposed to feel right now about what is happening in Washington D. C.?

Who can he trust?

‘You clearly corrupted our national security’ – US veteran to Hillary Clinton

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Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is facing some difficult questions over her handling of classified material while she was Secretary of State yet again. Gayane Chichakyan reports from Washington.

What does an oath mean when a hand is on a bible for many politicians? – NOTHING!!!

May God have mercy on the men and women who betrayed their nation for a dollar!

BREAKING: 28 FBI Agents Are Testifying Against Clinton They Found Everything(VIDEO)!!!!


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