Dr Drew Predicts How Bad The Typhus Outbreak in Los Angeles Will Get (“EPIDEMIC” & “PLAGUE”)

This comment from an article on the typhus outbreak in LA, says it all

Liberals really are mentally insane

I’d give Republicans a chance IF they completely and totally divorced the party from evangelicals and dumped their moralistic war on our culture.

Until then I’ll take garbage on the streets before I let a government tell me I can’t control my own reproductive future or that gays can’t marry or that shoots Black people over a simple traffic violation.

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Seriously, the utter disconnect in voters who think clean streets is worth the absolute assault Republicans are waging on women, gays, people of color is simply stunning.

Absolutely no concern for the fact that inviting today’s GOP to clean house is tantamount to welcoming Christian jihad on the rest of us just so you can have a litter free life, simply mind blowing.



h/t KOS


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