Dr. Hal Puthoff talking openly about US Air Force program studying zero-point energy for space flight propulsion

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Emerging out of modern Quantum Theory is the understanding that empty space is not empty at all. It’s full of dense energy which is electromagentic in nature.


Tapping into that energy – Casimir effect


Tapping into that energy for space flight propulsion


The possibility of advanced civilizations in the universe already using such technology – visitation

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Changing the properties of space-time itself within the framework of General Relativity to manipulate the velocity of light locally


The US Air Force created a research program to study the application of this model for reduced inertia space flight and recruited mainstream physicists from universities – Mass Modification

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Not just fringe scientists with science fiction ideas…



Dr. Puthoff and Russell Targ were the physicists whose remote viewing experiments at Stanford Research Institute’s Electronics and Bioengineering Laboratory grew into study of its operational use by the US Army and other government intelligence agencies.

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