Dr. James Lawler of UNMC Estimates a 30% Infection Rate and Half a Million Dead From Coronavirus

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by LiquidityMan

Dr. James Lawler gave a presentation presented by the American Hosptial Association last month that said he estimates:

  • 98 Million Infections / 30% Total US population
  • 4.8 Million Hospitalizations
  • 1.9 Million Intensive Care Unit Admissions
  • 480,000 Deaths

The presentation was intended to help hospitals nationwide prepare for the incoming wave of infections.

Dr. Lawler is the director of the department of Internal Medicine at UNMC and director of the Global Center for Health Security.

For those of you who don’t know, this is the hospital with the best biocontainment facility in the country.

In particular, the slide points out that hospitals should prepare for an impact to the system that’s 10 times a severe flu season.

Let that soak in for anyone who is still comparing COVID-19 to the seasonal flu.

Tl;dr – Doctor who works at UNMC where the nationwide biocontainment unit for Coronavirus is estimates that we are all f*cked.



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