Dreamers reject compromise to reopen government… McConnell says NO DEAL!… New Poll is not looking good for Democrats

So the Dreamers are running the show for the Dems now? WTF?
A key group of illegal immigrant “Dreamers” said Sunday that a deal lawmakers are considering to reopen the government with a promise to turn to immigration soon isn’t good enough, heaping more pressure on Democrats to keep the shutdown going.
Dreamers staged a vigil at the Capitol Sunday evening, amid rumblings that a bipartisan group was seeking a way to end the shutdown. Senators said they were considering voting for a bill to fund the government through Feb. 8, in exchange for a commitment to debate immigration in February, in the run-up to a March 5 deadline.
But United We Dream, a major advocacy group for Dreamers, said future action isn’t enough.
BREAKING: McConnell Says No Deal!!
New Poll is not looking good for Democrats. They better end the shutdown now!
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