Drilling CEO: Gas ‘Headed Higher’ Under Biden

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Canary CEO and energy commentator Dan Eberhart warned that the price of gas is poised to further increase.

In an interview with Fox Business anchor Neil Cavuto, the oilfield drilling executive said that “the market overreacted to the omicron demand destruction.” “OPEC is supposed to add 400,000 barrels a day a month. They’re struggling to do that right now,” Eberhart explained. “And on top of that, we’ve got an inflationary economic environment, so I think oil is headed higher.”

Eberhart added, however, that Biden’s “policies are pushing gas pricing up.” He said that the administration “doesn’t care for the price for energy that consumers are paying,” and pointed to the revoking of the Keystone pipeline permit and other restrictions on drilling. “I think what [Biden] is showing is he cares more about hurting oil companies in general and he cares more about pushing a progressive kind of Green New Deal type agenda than he does about energy prices,” Eberhart argued. “That is what I am seeing if you look at the policies.”

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