Driving Opponents Crazy Is His Superpower

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I really think Pelosi is close to the edge and ready to snap. She looks terrible and sounds worse. She really is getting too old for this shit.

Just when Trump is calling the Democrats “crazy,” we get some loonily angry outbursts from Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

Is this ludicrous theatricality as a cynical tactic to get attention in the Era of Twitter or are they really this unsteady and short on self-control?

MEANWHILE: There’s some talk about making Trump crazy:

AND: Here’s where Trump is calling them “crazy”:

Memo for Schiff & Co.: If a President is all but begging you to impeach him that tells me:

1. He knows you’ve got nothing.
2. He knows he’ll be acquitted.
3. He knows s**t you don’t know.
4. He knows s**t you do know.
5. He knows s**t you haven’t even begun to think about knowing.
6. He knows s**t you think you know but really don’t know.


Dem Rep. Green: ‘No Limit’ to How Many Times We Can Try to Impeach Trump: insanity

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