[DS] Digging Their Own Hole, Treason

The NYT article is turning out to be a big fail, they are showing the FBI was corrupt, Brennan was the conductor of the dossier, the world is catching on and the [DS] is digging their hole deeper and deeper. Mueller report is going to be a flop and the [DS] knows it, this is why they are starting as many investigations as possible to distract from the report. Q drops bread again, and wants us to understand the procedure of removing a Representative or a Senator. It is called Treason. The [DS] days are numbered, everything is in play and the truth will win over propaganda.

READ  Just days before the 2nd biggest retail week of the year many places plan to increase their lockdown restrictions. Making it harder for small business & middleclass America to survive. I 100% guarantee Amazon smashes Cyber Monday & holiday sales records.