Dumpster fight HEB Austin TX – Mob of 250+ gathered to get food from dumpster

“Reports indicate that an angry mob was gathered around a dumpster at the William Cannon and I-35 location in South Austin following a power outage that resulted in meat and other perishables having to be tossed…

More than 250 people showed up around the dumpster, according to Travis County Precinct 4 Constable George Morales. Deputies and Austin police had to come break up the fight and mitigate traffic…

Because Austin is a high-rent district of Texas, many residents are no longer able to afford proper housing. Consequently, some of them are moving into dumpster condos that cost around $600 per month – this is a 2015 price figure that has likely increased since.

“We are Venezuela now,” wrote a commenter about the United States as a whole.

“Dystopia – citizens digging in garbage for food while foreign invaders are housed and fed in luxury hotels,” wrote another about how backwards everything has become.”

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Joe Biden’s America-Residents in the Liberal Utopia of Austin Fight for Food Tossed in Dumpsters

Chaos at H-E-B: People seen fighting over discarded food in South Austin

Different reporter, same story, same exact red dress – weird

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