During The Trump Era, Will Men Finally Start Acting Like Men Again?

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By Michael Snyder
Men Silhouette - Public DomainOne of the primary reasons why Donald Trump is in the White House today is because he didn’t act like a typical wimpy politician during the campaign.  The American people were hungry for someone who is strong, someone who is a fighter and someone who will stand up for what he believes.  In other words, they wanted a man and not a wimp.  Yes, Donald Trump has done and said some things that are very regrettable over the years, but many Americans were willing to overlook those imperfections because at least he was willing to go to battle.  Now that he is president, will he inspire millions of other men to finally start acting like men again?
Too many men today would rather go to the spa than pick up a shovel.
Too many men today speak of the need for “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings”.
Too many men today are living in a state of suspended adolescence and are putting off marriage and family indefinitely.
Too many men today are more likely to be called a “snowflake” rather than a “warrior”.
In an absolutely remarkable article that was published earlier this week, author Todd Starnes made some keen observations about modern “men”.  The following is a short excerpt…

In today’s reengineered version of manhood, guys no longer have friends – they have bromances and they settle disputes by hugging it out.
Men’s magazines are now filled with articles like, “Should a Man Show Nipple?” and “What Men Know about Wearing Eyeliner.”

In America today, boys generally don’t do as well as girls in school.  And young women are far more likely to go to college than young men.  In fact, we have almost gotten to the point where 60 percent of the students in our colleges are women.
And when they leave school, young men are far more likely to move back in with their parents than young women are.  In a previous article, I noted that the percentage of Americans in the 18 to 34-year-old age bracket that are living with their parents is now the highest that it has been in 75 years.  If young men were living independently at the same rate that young women are, this crisis wouldn’t even exist.
And the truth is that young women are looking for young men that are willing to be independent.  A few years ago, Todd Starnes “conducted an unscientific poll to determine what the average American woman looks for in a man”, and this is what he discovered

1. Has a job;
2. Drives a pickup truck;
3. Uses the bathroom standing up;
4. Eats meat;
5. And is willing to carry them out of a burning building.
In other words — they want the kind of man made in God’s image — not the image of some effeminate intellectual stuffed in skinny jeans sipping chai tea with his pinky finger extended.

And a more scientific survey that was conducted a few years ago found that 75 percent of all American women do not have any interest in dating unemployed men.
Women want men that will love them, protect them and provide for them.
Unfortunately, those kinds of men are being systematically demonized in our society today.  To the liberal mind, the “traditional man” has come to represent “male oppression” that must be eradicated at all cost.
This may sound strange to you, but this is the kind of philosophy that is being pounded into the minds of impressionable young adults at colleges and universities all across the nation.  And some of these impressionable young adults buy into this philosophy to a frightening degree.
For example, one very prominent feminist blogger has actually called for the eradication of all men

A controversial video blogger has suffered a social media backlash after a video of her suggesting that the male species be wiped out – including babies – re-surfaced.
US vlogger Jenny McDermott, 33, made the bizarre ‘kill all men’ content in July last year and posted it on her YouTube channel.
The 33-year-old, who’s Twitter bio describes her as a secular humanist and trans loving feminist, rants in the short video that she’s ‘sick of being a baby factory that produces more men, that in the future will subjugate me.’

Someone might want to tell her that the human race would cease to exist without men, because apparently she hasn’t thought that far ahead.
But while McDermott may be on the outer fringe, the truth is that she is just a very small part of a very powerful “anti-male” movement in this country.
If you can believe it, at this point even some divinity schools are telling their professors not to use male pronouns for God

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Two prominent divinity schools have instructed their professors to use gender-neutral language when referring to God.
According to National Review, the divinity schools at Duke and Vanderbilt Universities have told their faculty to give “consistent attention to the use of inclusive language, especially in relation to the Divine,” in an effort to be more “inclusive” and to “mitigate sexism.”

Of course if men want to be respected, they need to start acting like gentlemen instead of like deranged animals.
I often quote from two different surveys when I talk about the state of men in our country.  One of those surveys found that 64 percent of all Christian men in America watch pornography at least once a month, and another survey found that 68 percent of all Christian men in America look at it “on a regular basis”.
That is not how men are supposed to behave.
A gentleman is self-controlled, patient, strong, temperate and willing to make sacrifices for others.
But how many men could be described that way today?
In the old days, men dedicated themselves to God, family and country, but today many men appear to be self-obsessed narcissists that are constantly chasing whatever they think will make them feel good in the moment.
If we want to make America great again, then men (and women) need to start dedicating themselves to becoming great again on an individual level.
So ultimately the fate of this nation is not going to be determined by any politician.
Rather, the fate of this nation is going to be decided by what goes on inside our own hearts.


14 thoughts on “During The Trump Era, Will Men Finally Start Acting Like Men Again?

  1. It’s not that simple. The boys damaged by hormone disruptor chemicals like Atrazine and other similar chemicals in our food, packaging, air, water and medicines, will never be males again.
    BUT the boys that were not damaged by chemical castrators will be able to start acting like men again.
    What we need are the 8 jewish CEOs of the 8 hollywood production houses (now owned by china)* to stop making fake fantasies where the women act like men, last Star Wars movie, for example, with the Chick with the stick running around acting like a dude, and make movies again with hetero men in fantasies that boys can use as role models.
    This includes the monopoly lock on tv/cable that produces the same garbage in the same way for the some purpose.
    Even though the universal misandry and pussification of men in the movies/tv/cable/press/magazines/schools/colleges and churches, it has not been very effective. Never forget, if you see it on tv, it represents a FRINGE of the real population.
    Bust up the media monopolies that are illegal. Eliminate foreign ownership of corporations that can influence the domestic population. China NEVER allows any movie shown in their country that would influence their country negatively. They didn’t even let fishy Ghostbusters to be shown. WHY DO YOU THINK THAT WAS?

    • You have triggered me you big meany. ????
      Great post, refreshing to see thinkers out in the VR of comment boxes.
      One of the ironic things also is the”bad boy” image put out there…the four day beard, the pouty face, etc. yet sissy bitches when push comes shove. All hat no cattle.

    • Hollywood’s writers are mainly Gay Jewish Boys that went to all-male Jewish schools where a boy does not get to interact with girls. I am not making this up. Hollywood really is “Hollyqueer”. They are pushing the Gay agenda on purpose. They want to turn Goyims Gay, just like themselves. Boycott Hollyweird, home of Pedophiles and sleeze.

      • Not really. They’re pushing the one gender agenda masquerading as LGBT rights movement. Jaden Smith and Louis Vuitton are their ambassadors. This is a rebellion against the two gender creation of God.

        • Exactly, but a lot of People will not understand that, so I give them a starting point. What I said, though, is correct. The next step is to make sex with Children “normal”. We are under attack on so many fronts. Once this Pizza/Pedogate thing opens up wide, there is going to be a call for Justice at the end of a rope, I would hope. Monsters walk this Planet and they wear suits and look “civilized”.
          Thanks for the input.

  2. Will men begin to act like men again under a Trump America?
    The ones that do actually act like men, probably will remain so, the ones who spineless simps to women (rollover willing SLAVES to the golden vagina that absolutely hates them, which is why women cheat with “bad boys who are the ESSENCE of real men) and ph@ggots and snowflakes. well not likely to make it.
    SADLY a natural disaster is needed to wipe away the excess who are confused about who and what being a man is all about and present the situation that will eliminate useless consumers of resources that yield no net purposeful gain to the race. Modern Society has made human kind weak and weak in the mind and morally corrupt, technology and industrialization to us to our zenith in growth, over the peak into sheer excess and laziness and dependency that left society searching for what is has actually lost, a sense of purpose and survival.

  3. I’m from that older dude generation, graduated high school 1960. Brought up in rural No Calif in a rivertown. As kids we came home from school, changed clothes, promised to be back by dinner and went out into the world.
    Fishing, hunting, swimming in the river, playing on rafts, wrestling and boxing with gloves for fun, riding bicycles for miles to go to favorite places. We learned how to take care of our stuff, first bicycles then how to tune our cars, change tires, oil, etc. We got loaned out to neighbors to help pour concrete, build fences, hang sheetrock, etc. and later in life we could be basic do it yourselfers saving money and taking pride in our abilities.
    Ain’t that way no mo brother. I get disgusted with the city boys and their pansy ways. I live in the country where girls wear lipstick and the boys drive trucks they work on themselves. Guess this is the last bastion of freedom for men.

    • I’m 62 and am from a remote community in Northern Ontario originally. Kinda the same thing, only more snow. Lots of snow. We had so much fun in Winter, you couldn’t get us to come indoors. I remember some very painful moments with frozen feet, ouch!
      The older guys, in High School would come to school in their pickup Trucks, gun-racks in the back with (Yikes) real guns. They liked to go hunting or just shooting after school. Today, the Teachers would have heart attacks and the school would be on lock-down, heh-heh!
      We had so much more freedom back then. Children today have no idea…

      • I saw a gun rack recently in the Pre PC Museum in Phoenix along with a transitor radio, a manual typewriter, an analog TV, and a dial telephone ????
        Yeah, no idea at all. So difficult to explain the difference. I usually talk about how quiet it was and the pace was much softer and slower. I can feel or sense the electronic frequencies in the air. If I go to bed a leave the wifi on all have to do is lightly close my eyes and I can see dancing spots of light and know it is on. ????
        Went to Toranto for part of our honeymoon in 69, sweet place then.

  4. Melania will have an impact on young women, too. Elegant, Feminine and walks with dignity, she is a real plus. The pin-cushion crowd with the neon hair and cow-ring through the nose won’t like her, but for a reasonable young Lass, this is something to be. I think Donald and Melania are a perfect couple.

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