Dutch Officials Request DNA From 20,000 Men To Solve Single Murder

Dutch officials requested the DNA of 20,000 men in the Limburg area to solve a murder from 1998. The man who has been charged didn’t even submit his DNA and was captured when he was reported missing after fleeing the area.

This is insane governmental overreach. Although it was not mandatory to submit the DNA, people willfully gave away their right to privacy in the thousands for the sake of solving one murder.

This has Orwell / Huxley written all over it.



BARCELONA, Spain – In August 1998, 11-year-old Nicky Verstappen disappeared from his summer camp tent; his body was found the next day. Now, an arrest in a case that has been major news in the Netherlands and that involved a massive DNA undertaking.

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The Guardian reports that as the 20th anniversary of Nicky’s death approached, Dutch officials in May 2017 put out a request: that roughly 20,000 men in the Limburg area where Nicky was killed submit their DNA that October as part of a mass testing program.




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