Ebola Czar Says Too Many People And Some Of You Need To Die Damit

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Ebola Czar Says Too Many People And Some Of You Need To Die Damit

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7 thoughts on “Ebola Czar Says Too Many People And Some Of You Need To Die Damit

    • That`s true,and of that number,the top two most decorated members of the Waffin SS were Jews,the third was frenchman Leonne Degrell.You don`t hear about that on the History channel.

  1. These people are dead serious about reducing the population. They have convinced many intellectually challenged bipeds that they are correct in their assessment that there are too many people and in so doing gathered useful idiots. Useful temporarily, but the poor idiots have no clue.
    So to sit and call them names and talk about what bad people they are is a very useless and wasteful strategy. They are acting on their desires to kill you. What are you going to do? Are you a little ticked off? Are you sick of where this is all going? If so they cannot tell. They are scared and paranoid, but they have faced no real consequences for their horrific behavior and feel they can do as they wish. Money is just a piece of paper backed by a promise, it has no intrinsic value at all, if you refuse it and do not accept it in payment, refuse to use it, and walk away from it, all their billions that are held in paper vanish. All their power is eroded fast. And a lot of their foot soldiers quit and refuse to protect them.
    Or you can just sit there and pretend your job and bills still matter somehow. You can think slavery is the only way to eat and house your family, but the truth is vastly different if you just stop living in the manufactured reality they feed you from the tv and radio. Wake up the life you need to save is you own.

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