Ebola United States 13,000 Congo African Refugees Arrive

Ebola infected congo boy dies vomiting blood onto people.

Congo Africa sent 12,500 refugees to the united states

The new ebola outbreak in Congo is spreading fast WHO says

Refugees on Planes, Delta Airlines and United Airlines is paying for flights for African Migrants to arrive on planes in the United States.

refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo Africa has been the number 1 country of origin of refugees seeking admittance to the united states.

Congo has accounted for about 12,500 refugees, followed by Burma (Myanmar) with 4,700, then Ukraine (3,800), Eritrea (1,700) and Afghanistan (1,000).

Congo Africa is currently having a huge Ebola Virus outbreak. Many people are infected with Ebola Virus in Congo Africa several thousands have died already this month.





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