EBT Down Nationwide…

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And I’m so Hungry right now…
“15 September: Problems at SNAP EBT
SNAP EBT is having issues since 6:38 PM EDT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.
163 reports and climbing.

49 thoughts on “EBT Down Nationwide…

  1. …you know…the EBT things going down….this sounds glib and funny…and some of that is appropriate for the comments section….however, you should recall that millions of people…(right or wrong)…depend on these cards…and when they go down permanently, or even like this…(presumably for a short period)…it does effect people’s lives. When the final curtain call falls for EBT, it will be the wake-up call for inner-city-rioting, etc. So I’m not sure we should be looking forward to that? For those people who have a real need for the aid…I don’t think people’s snide comments are appropriate or helpful. If the card is being abused, I’m all for cutting that person off…but if you have elderly, or even young people who need something to eat, are you people that callous that you would deny them that? Perception is not always reality when it comes to these situations, and I’d rather give in to my generous nature, than be judgmental towards a truly needy person. As an example, at the age of 49, I retired after a 24 year career with US DoD, and had been working since I was 10-11 years old. I retired under a legal agreement with DoD, based upon my two decades as a Federally Protected Whistle Blower…and the PTSD brought about by their 20 year harassment campaign against me. After the agreement was signed, and I was …”retired”…they took over a year to begin paying both my pensions, and they screwed me out of $20,000 they still owed me from our agreement…(as well as sending The FBI out to harass me). So for a period of time…from when I…”retired”…to when my checks starting coming in…I was broke as hell, enduring 4-8 seizures a day, drove off a 200 foot cliff at 70mph while in a post-seizure-fugue-state…and had to stand in food lines…before I could get them to pay me my pension. In the meanwhile, they screwed me out of my life-long-medical care they owed me after a 24 year career…and the bill just for the copter ride off the cliff to the hospital was about $100,000. So, as I said…perception is not always reality, and some people are just down on their luck, being screwed by the system… or they simply didn’t get raised well enough to be able to fix their own dysfunction. The are not all bad people.

      • …KMA you low-life POS. There you go, a message, language, and tone that your idiotic parental-ego-state can handle. My God…your parents and family must be so ashamed of you…and embarrassed by their having to associate with such a horrible soul? It must be a lonely existence for someone like yourself…to look in the mirror and see only cruel emptiness looking back. What a hollow POS you must be….I don’t even think a dog in the park would sniff you…the empty turd you appear to be, I’d think they would just pee over you and move on.
        RJ O’Guillory

          • …ha…ha…ha…he…he…he…he…ha…ha…ha…ha…! I know that some people…when they discover what a loser they have been in life…they need to blame someone else for their issues? But you sound like a paid troll, trying to stir up crap and racism…or you are just a sad, pathetic excuse for a human being. I think the DNA in your soul needs to be prevented from being passed along. Not only would I feel sorry for the kids you produced and what they would have to endure if you raised them, but you seem genetically deficient, and it would be good to stop your genetic line in it’s tracks.
            RJ O’Guillory

          • Lol you’re right, everyone here is a paid troll makin $98/hr just like those jewgle fake robot accounts say. Now go ahead an write another paragraph you pussy liberal clown. What was the name of that dumb nigger rapper who cut off his dick? Well anyway, you should take a knife to your micropenis and do the same. You could actually probably just use scissors though. Oy vey you got served!!!
            Seth Goldbergstein

      • …wow…between yourself and the other two losers who have responded to my comment…you three could have quite the Circle-Jerk. One of you gets off on cannibalism, the other two seem pre-occupied with homosexuals and the penis of men other than themselves? It is both sad… and humorous to read or listen to the dysfunction of the current generation…a past generation…or the future generation of angry, pathetic, lost losers…like you three. I was fortunate enough to live all over the world during my career…and to engage both the ultra-rich (A personal tour of Air Force One)…and to enjoy the life of a “poor” person while living in Hungary. When you get enough experience in life…and you learn how to quit being such a douche…(as it appears you 3 have failed to do so, as yet)…and you come to understand that all that anger and hatred they teach you in America is really the root cause of many individual’s dysfunction and self-damaging behaviors. In other words… they never learn of their own faults, hatreds and prejudices. You three fit that description perfectly.
        RJ O’Guillory

          • …no…I actually received a tour of Air Force One…I have a photo of my ex-wife and I coming down the steps, and though we were not allowed to take photo’s of the interior…(especially the black wall of electronics)…we did get souvenirs…such as Presidential M&M’s, Matchbooks, Playing Cards…(I got one of those from Air Force Two as well)…and I received a Presidential Golf Ball, Coffee Mug, Cocktail Glass and Beer Mug. So, no shoe delusions at all. In fact, I was kicked off a golf course once…by about forty Secret Service Agents, who just walked out in the middle of my round on the 16th hole, and told me to leave. I got to sit about fifty feet away and watch the Marine One Helicopters land and the limousines pull up…and then The President went to the first tee, hit about fifty warm up balls…and then hit the one he was going to play…at which time a SS Agent tagged that one ball in the rough, and off the President went on his round. In fact, a really good friend of mine used to caddy for The President, and would often drive his cart, etc., as they were the same age and came from the same place, so they got along fairly well. My job was so weird…that I was also given access to The Presidential Limousines, occasionally getting to look inside and sit on the edge of the back seat. Not only did I get a tour of Air Force One, but in my career…I was able to climb Mt. Fuji in Japan, manage a 4-hour-a-night, $20,000-a-night bar on an abandoned Soviet Air Base in Hungary. And I was in the bombed-out Olympic Stadium in Sarajevo…during the corrupt US Bosnian War…where they had piled bodies in the basement to preserve them, as they couldn’t bury them due to sniper-fire, etc. etc. So, no…I had quite a good time over a 24 year career, and for over 20 years I was a Federally Protected Whistle Blower, who refused to tolerate the systemic corruption that most cowards work under everyday.
            RJ O’Guillory

          • And now here you are on the internet whining like a bitch when you could be exposing all that corruption that the Feds wasted resources protecting you from. Are the Feds protecting you from the Feds’ own corruption? This is a great movie you’ve got going on in your head RJ. Where does the Mossad come in?

          • …well…I’d certainly like to live up to my commitment to ignore you…but you keep ejaculating your simpleton ideas all over my e-mail account…so I’ve decided to respond a bit. Actually…the fraud, waste & abuse I reported was fairly benign in nature…and pretty common corruption for an incompetent government agency. Unfortunately for them…I was raised by a six-foot-nine-inch, 350lb, drunk, corrupt St. Louis City Cop…and an abusive Mother who was a Court Clerk who was caught embezzling thousands from the ticket fund. I was raised in the city CBS News declared as “six-square miles of The American Dream”…in a nationally broadcast documentary in 1968…and my parents were sociopaths. So when I went to work for the government…I was employable in tens of thousands of places worldwide…and was not afraid of being fired…and I tape-recorded the fascists threatening me in my 2nd year of employment with career-long harassment and abuse. They threatened to “get me”, “come after me”, “make things up to get me”, etc. etc. And, they did so for 20 years…and each time I won…because I had their threats on tape. Ha! They even tried to charge me with recording the conversations, except it happened in Japan, and thus out of their jurisdiction. Once, while in Bosnia, they put me in charge the night’s entertainment in the bar I was in charge of…then they tried to set me up for a DUI when the event was over. That failed. As far as your silly comments about being a pawn….if you knew what I did for a living, you’d laugh your genetically damaged brain right out of that almost empty head of yours. Silly boy…..
            RJ O’Guillory

    • This is a great piece of fiction RJ. I must commend you on that. Maybe you can pitch this to the Jewish producers of that “major movie” of yours that is never coming out. Good luck!

  2. Unfortunately I was in line at the supermarket ready to check out when it happened, and the store was crowded . When inquiring about what was going on, I was told that there was a nationwide ebt card problem. Those lines were long too, and people’s carts were full! And there were Whites and Blacks in line with ebt cards, so you bigots can just save it. Poor is an equal opportunist, it doesn’t see color.

      • …yes, Seth…thank you….now go back to mentally masturbating yourself….we know it is difficult for you to do two things at the same time…and we don’t want you to lose your only chance at affection this week…..
        RJ O’Guillory

          • …you sure are hooked on that “faggot” thing? Are you having some internal suspicions about your own sexuality and you feel the need to project on others? You really seem pre-occupied with men’s penises…so perhaps a bit of counseling might help you to discover the root of all that anger…eh? Maybe you just have to admit to yourself that you’d prefer a penis in your mouth, and all that anger and hatred will melt away?
            RJ O’Guillory

          • I thought that last post was your last one? Is this your last post now too faggot?
            Also yes because I call you a faggot, I must secretly be a faggot myself. Of course by your retarded Marxist thought process, if I called you a rocking chair or said I hate rocking chairs , I must secretly be a rocking chair myself. You lost RJ, just fuck off back to reddit where you and your homeless hipster friends can talk about my little pony and what a vagina must feel like.

          • After reading this “guys” last few comments I have to agree with you there.
            Pretty sad that it thinks it’s actually making some kind of point.
            Oh well, guess it takes all kinds.
            Have a good one. RJ.

  3. There was no downtime on the SNAP program. What we see is people talking about what would happen IF it went down.
    Perfect example. The downdetector site says EBT is down. Their “proof” is a twitter post. Which points to a website. Which points back to their own site!
    And if you actually LOOK at the downdetector site, you’ll see it isn’t people reporting an outage, it’s people re-tweeting the same tweet they originally put out there!
    How is anyone convinced by this crap? Is America so dumbed down that people will believe because a website said something about a website that uses the first website as proof of it’s own website?
    Are people really dumb enough to get their news- and form their opinions- from Facebook and Twitter!?
    We’re done people. The country is finished.

    • They are mostly minorities posting this shit. It’s been proven that spics and niggers and inherently stupider than whites, Asians, Jews, etc but our Jew controlled country loves to push the bullshit that we are equal. In fact we are so equal that the evil white man has to support a bunch of worthless stupid minorities because of… Muh privelegdes.

        • Do you write your name at the end of every post to feel like anyone gives a shit about your existance?
          Seth Goldbergstein
          Internet Athiest Activist of Reddit 2015
          Proud Member of JIDF since 9/11/2001

          • …no…it is for the purpose of connecting my writing name to my published memoir…that is being pitched to film production companies for conversion to a major movie. Loser.
            RJ O’Guillory

          • Lol good luck getting into the jews media you hipster faggot bitch. You’re probably fucking homeless and writing this from some trendy coffee shop that has public computers. You are fucking hilarious.

  4. Niggers are the Jews’ favorite pet of destruction and chaos. All white traitors will be dealt with accordingly also when the time comes. I hope every last white bull dyke and limp wristed faggot enjoys being raped and murdered by the niggers who couldn’t give a fuck about them. Jokes on you self-righteous liberal pseudo-intellectuals pandering to minorities and conservative religious morons who send their family to die for Kikestan aka Israel. Bibi Nutunyahoo is balls deep in all of your anuses and you are too busy watching the Nigger Felon League to notice.

    • …..ha…ha…ha…ha…ha…your family reunions must be fun…a lot of strange people sitting on the porch playing a banjo? Have you ever met Ned Beatty….up close….or worn blue-denim-coveralls?
      RJ O’Guillory

      • I’m not a redneck you pathetic liberal faggot. I’d rather live around poor white methheads than degenerate faggots any day though. Good luck with AIDs. Write me another paragraph butt blaster. This is fun.

        • …sadly…you are not worth any more of my time. Your hatred, inability to understand others…and just the plain stupidity of your thought process…makes you an eternal loser. Perhaps you should have that tattooed on your forehead. Eternal Loser….
          RJ O’Guillory

          • Don’t mind Seth; his mother’s doctor was black and he’s still seeking revenge for the slap on the butt that started him breathing……..
            Two trillion dollars “missing” from the Pentagon, bailouts for Wall Street, and he’s upset with EBT people eating food bought at retail. It’s the never ending story of US wars that brought us here. Stupid monkey…….

  5. This has affected me in that I can’t help smiling! It won’t last though. They’ll figure out a way to get the Entitled Black Transaction cards up and running until the last drop of blood is drained from the productive.

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