The Top 10 Insanely Moronic Things Liberals & Idiots Say About Trump

The Top 10 Moronic Things Liberals / Idiots Say About Trump:
1. “He doesn’t have a plan! He’s all hot air! Where’s his plan? How’s he going to do these things?”
Trump’s latest book is very detailed, well-researched and sourced with pages of footnotes, where he describes, in detail, his policy positions. Might wanna read it, maybe, before you open your stupid mouths?
It’s also historically very premature for a candidate this early in the election cycle to release detailed policy proposals. Such demands are never issued for milquetoast Establishment candidates. Where is the wailing and gnashing of teeth over Hillary or Jeb’s lack of substantive policies? Hmm?
Not gonna hear it, because those two robots represent the continuation of the Status Quo, which Liberals and other weak idiots – like slaves – beg for. They don’t wanna rock that apple cart by gettin’ too pushy on pesky details, because what they’re really looking for is to be LIED TO.
When someone comes along who might actually shake up their little world, they scurry around like cockroaches exposed to the light, hissing, writhing and snarling, demanding answers, evidences, holding up a hypocritical bar of new-found standards they otherwise would never apply to any other candidate, let alone to their own lives or actions, or toward their Leftist controllers in the media. The hypocritical, double-standard nature of their indignant demands of Trump (“Show us your plan, in detail!”) is laughably transparent.
2. “Trump’s a clown! He’s a fool! He’s an idiot!”
Ridicule is a classic Alinsky tactic, and Liberals are well-trained in following the lead of their Leftist masters in issuing puerile schoolyard ad hominems and insults to further their agenda.
Trump’s success as businessman, author and celebrity flies in the face of any notion he is some kind of “idiot” or “fool”; quite the contrary, he appears a great deal more shrewd and cunning than his yowling, hissing and if not so subtly jealous and envious and likely unemployed detractors who couldn’t accomplish what Trump has in a thousand lifetimes.
3. “Trump’s a racist! He’s full of hate! He sounds like Hitler!”
The last line of defense of a Liberal, when facing defeat, is to pull out the “racism” card. The very last, pathetic straw is to invoke Hitler (also known as Reductio ad Hitlerum and Godwin’s Law).
The facts bear nothing resembling such accusations, of course, as Trump employs many Mexicans, prominently featured a Black man whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant while on the campaign trail and by no account holds any enmity towards minorities. Trump’s use of colorful hyperbole and generalizations when referring to “criminals” pouring over the border would be entirely forgiven and passed over by Liberals if it had been uttered by one of their Leftist controllers (e.g. if Al Sharpton said, “Most of the people who work for Chik-Fil-A hate homosexuals!”).
4. “Trump’s immigration plan is racist! It’s horrible! We’re a nation of immigrants! Why does Trump HATE immigrants and Mexicans?”
This inane rubbish is spouted by very, very stupid, mind-controlled lemmings. Trump has consistently decried illegal immigration, while openly supporting legal immigration in practically every speech he has made (in addition to having two foreign-born wives, the man employs thousands of Mexicans, constantly says we need to help foreigners who attend our universities stay in the country and says we need to streamline the legal immigration process).
The literal spirit of everything Trump says on illegal immigration is simply a reinforcement of the existing laws. To call Trump a racist is to call the laws of the United States racist, and the laws of every other country on Earth that enforces its border laws “racist”.
Where are the protests from all of the moronic Liberals against “racist” Mexico for having and enforcing its own immigration laws against U.S. Citizens? Hmm?
As for Trump’s statement about “criminals” crossing the border, some have argued he painted too broad a brush, “insulting” the “non-criminals” crossing the border illegally (yes, an oxymoron, but that doesn’t stop a Liberal from making a stupid argument). The fuss over Trump’s extemporaneous speech appears to be sourced within deeply politically-correct and “bleeding heart” sentiments toward illegal border crossers and their “act of love” in entering the country. It points simply to the Liberal inability to function in the real world, where laws exist and must be followed, even if somebody’s feelings get hurt. Liberals don’t truly believe in the rule of law, if it interferes with their politics or agendas.
Nothing Trump said was directly offensive to any, single immigrant, and he’s repeatedly said he never meant to malign all immigrants. He’s simply shining some light on the horrible criminals who do get across the border, and the crimes they commit that go largely ignored by the co-opted, controlled Liberal media and our limp-wristed government that doesn’t do enough to stop them.
5. “I’m a Democrat and I’m going to vote for Trump in the primaries, because his nomination guarantees a Hillary victory!”
This prediction is about as reliable as something from Carnac the Magnificent. I suspect such an over-confident prediction is the result of their programming coming a bit undone as they witness Trump’s “inexplicable” rise in popularity. They’re scrambling to prop up some kind of reassuring narrative so they can sleep at night.
6. “Trump’s a secret liberal! His policies are all liberal! He’s a Democrat!”
Trump is a pragmatist and free-thinker who has evolved over time in his positions. While Trump may have held, at a time in the past, a few traditionally Democratic positions, his style, decisions, actions, business life, books he’s written, political incorrectness and overwhelming support of almost entirely traditional conservative positions points to a man who simply does not hold to any “party line”, but rather thinks for himself. If he’s “wrong” on a few conservative issues, it’s far preferable than a politician who caters to a base of partisan voters simply to gain support and votes.
7. “Trump’s a FAILURE who inherited money, declared bankruptcy and took government bailouts!”
Trump inherited millions from his father, indeed; the sort of inheritance most would squander. Rather, he turned those millions into billions and into a huge company and empire. It appears the man has worked every day of his life, building and buying massive amounts of real estate, writing books, making TV shows. Hardly the modus operandi of a silver-spooned slouch.
This argument stinks of the not-so-subtle class warfare jealousy and envy inherent in all Liberals, and their utter disdain of the rich and anyone successful. Of course, as most Liberals have never run a business, they have no clue how bankruptcy law works. They don’t bother with the facts, either; Trump held a small percentage share in a few companies that declared Chapter 13 restructuring; creditors were paid back in a routine process that occurs everyday in corporate America. I’ve also heard the claim he took “government bailouts” which has no basis in fact and appears to be a lie repeated over and over.
8. “The only people who support Trump are racist, White, ignorant, trailer-trash hicks.”
So much for Liberals not being racist, right? They have no problem trashing Whites in the South they regard as toothless, drooling mongoloids. But Liberals don’t base their positions on logic or principles (they possess neither), they simply take sides on an issue and trash anyone and anything that doesn’t agree them. As for the validity of the statement, it is false, as polls show Trump has a wide-range of support across all party lines, ethnicities and both genders.
9. “Trump only cares about himself. He only cares about money. He’s a narcissist egomaniac.”
This charge seems a bit specious in light of Trump’s long history of – quietly – helping the less fortunate with large cash gifts or donations. I would point to the inherent Liberal nature of these arguments, as they suggest Trump has some kind of obligation to “care” about you individually (he doesn’t), the implication that somehow the rest of these phony politician snakes somehow *do* “care” about us and the assertion his flamboyant extraversion through media exposure necessarily makes him a narcissist or egomaniac. By the same measure, Liberal saint Oprah could be accused of the same thing. But who am I to argue with a bunch of Liberal, out of work Psychology Majors who work at McDonalds? I’m sure they know what they’re talking about.
10. “Trump dodged the draft! Trump doesn’t respect women!”
Clinton dodged the draft and cheated on his wife repeatedly (in addition to sexually harassing Kathleen Willey and many other women), and we elected him twice. Try harder, dipshit Libs.
There’s a billion other canards these morons have cooked up, but the ten above are what come to mind first.
I probably wouldn’t be so staunchly supportive of Trump if it weren’t for the fact the people who hate him are such profoundly stupid human beings.
There’s something about the man – something innate to him (his free-thinking, his political incorrectness, his guts, his honesty) – that causes weak, stupid people to go f*cking crazy and lose their minds over him. He threatens their deeply-held programming that keeps them safe in a little fantasy world where they don’t have to think because the media and their Leftist controllers will do it for them.
Trump, unwittingly, is lifting the “veil”, decoupling the people’s brains from The Machine, and letting people know it’s OK to speak openly, freely, honestly without worrying about “offending” some butthurt Liberal muppet somewhere. He’s challenging the brainwashing of our mentally-atrophied, neutered, controlled, pathetic culture of P.C. weaklings. They hate him for it, but the people who are free enough to still have functioning brains love him for it.

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  1. Another thing about the “dodging the draft” thing. He never dodged the draft. He got 4 student waivers, a medical waiver, then ended up drawing a high number so him being drafted was very unlikely. That’s not dodging the draft. To dodge the draft, one must be drafted first.


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