EBT system is down nationwide. Other payment systems having issues also.

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See for yourself EBTards
Apparently paypal was having issues also today
Here’s the cyber attack map link:
From Downdetector official Twitter:
Century Link, Time Warner Cable, AT&T all currently having issues
Atmospheric disturbance? A test, courtesy of TPTB ? Hackers? Glitch? EMT? Surprise bank holiday?
99 problems

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It’s interesting because I think the next crash will be blamed on high frequency trading or maybe a system wide computer crash blamed on a virus or attack or maybe even over complexity.
This video is good if you have time to watch it tonight, 20 minutes. Kind of fits in with the whole Mr. Robot thing.
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17 thoughts on “EBT system is down nationwide. Other payment systems having issues also.

  1. Last night around 1030PM my internet service thru Century Link went down and did not come back until 330Am. And today I received an email from Paypal saying my account was disabled due to strange activity. And yesterday at Aldi’s I was unable to swipe my debit card for about a half hour in the afternoon until they got the system up and running again.
    Something is definitely going on………………. the guy at paypal said there were inquiries to my paypal biz card from all over Europe, Asia and Russia……… go figure.

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  3. I’m going to take a few minutes and make a reply concerning all the negativity that surrounds having and using the infamous EBT card. I get it, I understand the anger at seeing those “Welfare Kings and Queens” buying steak and lobster with their cards. I’ve seen it firsthand myself, and I don’t like it either. The point I’m trying to make is that I myself depend on receiving my EBT benefits every month for food, and I see no reason why I should justify my reasoning to a bunch of people on the internet. However, I will. You see, My ancestors came to this land long before it was even a country, back in 1726. They helped create the United States of America. One of them was a General in George Washington’s Army! Now here I am. I’ve paid a buttload of taxes in my time by working in the RV industry which used to flourish here in Oregon, until it tanked in ’08. Don’t forget property taxes, it has cost my family a steadily increasing amount which is now $2943 a year. (Can anyone really consider their land to be “their property” when the government can forcefully take it for not paying taxes?) I’m out of work now, and can’t get a job in my area, but I do not feel guilty being on “welfare” or whatever you want to call it. Myself and my ancestors have all honestly paid for it,one way or another, through taxes or blood. Whatever I choose to buy with that dearly needed $194.00 a month is my choice. Rest assured, it isn’t squandered, it is spent very wisely.

    • You shouldn’t feel guilty. You do know that the fed govt is a corporation and not only do they make us pay illegal federal income taxes (that support their illegal wars), they also sell our birth certificates to wall street so they’re making more money off of us. Then …those in the KNOW get access to what are called CAFR fund (go to gnosticmedia on YouTube and type that in CAFR funds for an understanding of the theft …people have had their lives ruined for exposing this theft of the people). The great depression was planned and all in the know and bankers were made wealthy. This is also being planned and manipulated. Until we rise up and take down that illegal corporation and the political whores who don’t give a f**k about us, we are screwed. There is no left vs right, it’s an oligarchy that psyops us all the time. Anarchy means NO RULER NOT no rules. We have a moral code, we don’t need a government. If you feel you do, then you aren’t wanting to be responsible. But, I hope you want it abolished because everything that has happened to you would not have happened if we weren’t in a rigged market (crony capitalism). They’re all gangsters and need to be taken down. In the meantime, do not feel one ounce of guilt.

    • The few people that I have known who are on welfare or collecting food stamps feel the same way as you. They too feel hat it is owed to them. They call this feeling “entitlement” and tens o millions have the same sense of entitlement. They feel as though our government which consists of tax payers like my self should pay for people like you who have made poor lie decisions. Here is a question for you and millions like you. What are you going to do when the free stuff stops for good? and stop it will sooner than you think. To be perfectly honest with you it can only end one way for you. Sorry to be so blunt.

  4. Testing…testing…123. Get ready for a cyber meltdown, verified access and the kind of hyperinflation that only an electronic currency can provide. They’ve gotthe populace so divided they are losing control, and the whole system is such a mess that they’ve shut shillary up while they attempt damage control. Lookslike the economic meltdown started before they were ready. Pension funds getting ‘nationalized’ has to be right around the corner Same with any other financial accounts. Whatever cash is in circulation will soon strip the shelves bare at the supermarket, and the corporate supply chain will snap in an instant. Farmer’s markets and coops will have to fill the void. Gas and electricity supply will be sporadic. This winter will be the toughest one anybody alive has ever seen. Survival should be your only concern. Keep that in mibd, and it won’t be so tough. Learn to cooperate with your neighbors. You can make it this if you set your mind to it.

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