ECB Is Ready to Tighten Just as Global Peers Speed Up: Eco Week

by Boo_Randy

More incessant jawboning about mythical pending rate hikes. The Keynesian fraudsters at the central banks know that if they tighten for real, it’s Game Over for their speculative asset bubbles & Ponzi markets. They won’t tighten unless/until their oligarch handlers take out massive short bets against the markets, then order their creatures at the ECB, Fed, etc. to hike sharply enough to tank the markets & initiate the next Great Muppet Reaping, a la 2008.

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Almost three months since the US Federal Reserve delivered a first interest-rate hike, its euro-zone counterpart will this week announce an end to bond purchases and formally begin the countdown to an increase in borrowing costs in July.

The ECB has hesitated to remove stimulus while gauging the fallout from the war raging just over the frontier of its currency area in Ukraine.


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