Economic Collapse News – How The Great Recession Reshaped The Economy & Our Cities

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by Thinker

Information about the how our economy has been redefined since the 2008 financial crisis.

Two major shifts stand our 1 the rise of localized economic prosperity sections where economies have remained relatively strong. Rents are up wages are not far behind… Except for the middle class blue collar worker’s there is no place for them. Most modern American cities have been reinvented or have turned into gray cities. Some have remained due to medical companies, colleges, of Banking. Those dependent on manufacturing have all but vanished leaving only empty buildings behind. This has all worked to eliminate the middle class.

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During this time we have seen a very interesting phenomenon which is the forming of mega corporations. Where we used to have 10 strong successful companies the great recession put many on shaky ground and have since been picked up for pennies through mergers and acquisitions to form only a few mega corporations meaning we are losing actual choice.

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A lot of people don’t understand the significance of this consolidation of the economy into the pockets of a select few companies.




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