Economic feasibility of academic writing services

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If you are thinking of joining a writing service team or establishing one, here is everything that you need to know about this new genre of business.
Lately, terms like academic writing services, professional writers and online essay writers have become quite popular, especially within the student and educational business circles. However, we must first understand what exactly are these services before jumping to conclusions. These are basically teams of professional writers, who are experts in the field of a certain type of writing, and they deliver essays and articles on that topic to their clients, depending on the particular instructions of the case.
Because of the hectic lifestyle of students nowadays, the average essay or thesis writing services can have quite a significant amount of traffic on any given day. There are obviously various other factors that come into play such as the price charged by the writers, their standard of writing, their behavior and the level of customer satisfaction that the team can provide on the whole.
Legal issues
You might be wondering, “Is this even legal?” Many interested individuals, when they first hear about the premise of the whole service, are mistaken that it is perhaps a business that runs on an unethical act such as plagiarism. However, that is a misconception and this line of work is a legitimate form of business and has no illegal or unethical connotations. The transaction is completely above the table.
You ask the writer to write a piece of literature for you on the basis of your requirements and instructions. He writes that for you for the sole intention of selling it to you. Now, here lie the two essential points: one, is that you are paying for ownership of his intellectual property so that it becomes yours, and two, he is aware that you are using it for your gain.
Getting started
If you want to be a part of the academic research word, except make it into a business venture, there are different ways in which you can do so. As the potential proprietor of an academic writing agency, you must:

    • Make sure that the coordination amongst your writing team, HR team and customer resources team is smooth, as is the coordination within each of these.
    • The writers are the backbone of the entire firm, so make sure that you hire individuals with a diverse body of knowledge, impeccable writing skills, and a great eye for research.


  • The amount of money that you charge your clients should be specific, keeping in mind your target demographic. For instance, if you want to target the student body, you have to keep your services cheap so that students can easily afford them.

Getting clients
The writing service industry is one that is heavily dependent on a good reputation and credibility in the market. This is why your customer relations team always has to be on its toes. They need to ensure that all your customers’ queries are answered and the traffic of new customers to your agency is significant. Moreover, they have to work with your writing team in order to make sure that each of them are leaving happy.
It will obviously take some time before you become a big name in the field, like MyEssayGeek . You need to have patience because the progress will be gradual. Most importantly, good publicity and widespread advertisement should be the two pillars of your growth policy at the initial stages. Once the customers start to come, if the services are up to their mark, they will keep coming back with new ones.
The business
This line of business, like any other, has its risks and rewards. Whether or not it is the one for you, is something that you need to decide after weighing its necessities and see if they suit your expectations and skills. However, the fact is that you need a significant amount of starting capital to get your business off the ground. Then, it all depends on your ability to hire well, maintain a good reputation for your company in the market, organize your business and its accounts.
If all these are available and sustained, it should be profitable. However, reality is different from theory and it all depends on your individual resources. If the latest trends are to be believed, quite a few astute business men and women have struck gold in this field of work.

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