Elderly RI man attacked by angry mob because of his Trump 2020 flag – RI police arrest Trump supporter, not mob

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An elderly man, Timothy King, was grilling outside, spending a quiet afternoon with his grandchildren when an angry mob descended on his property and tried to remove his ‘Trump 2020’ flag.

King told the group of men that they were on his property and that was when the angry mob of men violently attacked him, calling him “white trash”.

“I was getting hit from all sides, on top of the head, my hand was fractured, I got stitches in my knee, and they wouldn’t stop,” added King. “They still kept coming after me, so I fell again on the ground and I took out my firearm and fired a shot in the air so they could get away from me.”

King says he has a legal gun license, and also told Eyewitness News he has a surveillance system. He explained that he was unable to get the incident on camera, as it happened out of his camera’s view, but he did get video of police showing up to the scene.

King was beyond surprised when he was the one taken away in handcuffs, not the people he called the police on.

King says he couldn’t believe that none of the men who attacked him, were arrested.

King was instead arrested on scene for firing his gun.

Article here:
Johnston man says he was allegedly attacked for his ‘Trump 2020’ flag




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