Electoral New HOPE: Italy STRIKES BACK at the EU

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As an Italian I just want to make a few precisations.
Italy never wanted any migrant to begin with as even migrants coming from eastern europe are responsible for almost 50% of the crimes in Italy despite being 8% of the population.
The reason the migrant crisis happened in the first place is because after the last elections where the parlament was split so much practically no party had a majority the left “Democratic Party” (PD) rose to power with seemingly the biggest majority.
It was their attempt to solve the economic crisis by castrating the population with more taxes in order to save the banks by the hands of Mario Monti, the designated PM of the time.
Since Monti in the past 5 years Italy has had 5 different leaders from the PD, none of which were elected, this mixed with the PD knowing they’d get little to no support from Italians in the next elections has caused them to let the migrants keep flowing in saying there is literally no way to stop the flow of migration, which is obviously false, and sparked outrage and caused more and more Italians who always voted the left to abandon them and go to the right for the first time in their lives.
In recent days there’s also been an excessive amount of antifa revolts which caused many cops to be injured as one of the right-wing coalition of parties wants to declare the social centers (the breeding ground for anarcho-communist insurrections) to be completely dismantled and the arrest of every single violent protester by giving more funds to the police to tackle this communist plague that has hit Italy since the fall of Fascism in Italy (which these insurrectors were partly responsible for).
Lastly, Luca Traini was no hero, while many in Italy share his sentiment of no more migrants to the point they’re ready to take arms, he was for all senses and purposes mentally insane, as he was abandoned by pretty much all friends and family.
Italians never liked migrants of all types aside from some rich kids from the bigger cities who are not too different from the average Californian and try to impose their lifestyle on others, and all of this was extremely predictible as Lybia prior to the death of Gaddafi was one of our greatest economic allies, which the EU was far too glad to destroy.
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