ELITE UNDERGROUND BUNKERS – Why Are So Many Of The Super Wealthy Preparing Bug Out Locations?

ELITE UNDERGROUND BUNKERS – Why Are So Many Of The Super Wealthy Preparing Bug Out Locations? It is believed to be large enough to house 60,000 persons, with a special air filtration system designed to withstand a nuclear, chemical or biological attack. Enough food and water is believed to be stored at the site to sustain the entire underground population for months on end Die-hard [U.S.] nuclear war planners actually have their eyes on targets in Russia and China, including missile silos and leadership bunkers. For these planners, the Cold War never ended. Their top two candidates [i.e., targets] in Russia are located inside the Yamantau and Kosvinsky mountains in the central and southern Urals.
They have also been constructing thousands of new underground bomb shelters in major cities such as Moscow. Nearly 5,000 new emergency bomb shelters will be built in Moscow by 2012 to save people in case of potential attacks. Though the bunkers are supposed to be designed to shelter the population in the event of a nuclear attack, government officials say it’s only a precaution and they do not expect such an attack or nuclear outbreak (e.g. Chernobyl) to occure
The Russians also recently finished work on a brand new national defense center in Moscow that contains extensive underground facilities Russia is launching a new national defense facility, which is meant to monitor threats to national security in peacetime, but would take control of the entire country in case of war.
In addition, the Russians have also been developing a new anti-ballistic missile system that is designed to keep U.S. nuclear missiles from getting to their targets in the first place.
If Obama does decide to send lethal military aid to the Ukrainians, the Russians are going to flip out. We just continue to take even more steps along the road toward World War III, and it is a war that the United States is completely and utterly unprepared for. uncovers one of the biggest and most dangerous issues in recent history, a Rosetta Stone that will decode the deception taking place throughout our world.
As Russians build gigantic underground bunkers, spanning 400 square miles, the elite are planning their escape from America by purchasing airstrips, farms and underground shelters in record numbers. bunker “underground bunker” “emergency shelter” elite millionaire billionaire “new zealand” 2015 2016 russia china shelter military insider war battle ww3 ww2 mountain fema prediction news media entertainment book author “secret society” secret enemy collapse “cold war” gold silver prepare food “food storage” prepper savings strategy humanity leader liberty freedom defense “self defense” banking security “elite nwo agenda” drone trends trending trendy false flag attack nuclear attack nuke chicago nyc fema camp police state usa new world order illuminati 1984 orwell alex jones infowars crazy gerald celente max keiser jim rogers glenn beck anonymous coast to coast am end game collapse demcad montagraph bohemian grove jsnip4 g4t lindsey williams louis farrakhan exposed jay-z illuminati off the grid living
As preparations for nuclear war intensify, the public is being told it’s not a danger anymore. Get this emergency broadcast out to everyone you know before the time for action runs out. Over the past few years, wealthy people all over America have been equipping their homes with futuristic high tech security systems that go far beyond the kinds of things portrayed in recent Hollywood films such as “The Purge“. We are talking about security bunkers with their own sustainable sources of food and water, hidden passageways that lead to ballistics-proof panic suites, and thermal heat detectors that can detect someone hiding up to 15 kilometers away. Most of these security measures will probably never even be needed if things stay pretty much as they are today.
A lot of ultra-rich people are quietly preparing to “bug out” when the time comes. They are buying survival properties, they are buying farms in far away countries and they are buying deep underground bunkers. In fact, a prominent insider at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland says that “very powerful people are telling us they’re scared” and he shocked his audience when he revealed that he knows “hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand”. So what do they know? Why are so many of the super wealthy suddenly preparing bug out locations? When the elite of the world start preparing for doomsday, that is a very troubling sign. And right now the elite appear to be quietly preparing for disaster like never before.

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3 thoughts on “ELITE UNDERGROUND BUNKERS – Why Are So Many Of The Super Wealthy Preparing Bug Out Locations?”

  1. ‘They’ know what most know, it’s about to hit the fan, even unbelievers, know the world is getting too much and they think they have a way out, yet unless they truly turn to GOD, their bunkers are not going to save them, The Bible is pretty clear on what’s coming our way, and unless GOD steps in, mankind will destroy it all and themselves, that’s what the so called ‘Elite’ don’t get.

  2. I’m betting it’s not nuclear disaster they’re preparing for. It’s not even natural disaster. It’s people. It’s pitchforks. And, if things keep going the way they are, they very well may be right.

  3. Illuminati has many Branches you cant just say Illuminati, for one group who all know each other… it is possible they all know of each other but they do not know each other personally you have one branch of the Illuminati is the Bilderburgers, or Bilderburger Group, there is actual files on what happens and minutes of what is said which were secretly smuggled out, Another Branch is the American Skull & Bones were a lot of those members are also Members of the Bilderburgers so they can entwine, I think any Involvement of the Masons is unlikely, But the worrying thing is The Bilderburger group who has current heads of state and royals as members put forward the Idea for world Depopulation over 25 years ago, which was said many years a go ….conflict in the Middle east would be started and then floods of Migrants would swamp Europe and America no proposal at that time was put forward as to whcih conflict but it was an area where conflict could Ignite pretty quickly , they would also front a conflict With Russia to force a Nuclear war if that plan did not work but was met with opposition from many but still kept on the table but they ordered the building of Underground cities in case, that is why they started Building Underground Bunker cities for the Elites , those places have now been all finished,,,, those that there was no spaces for who knew about this bought properties in the southern Hemisphere and would be informed nefore hand to go to those properties and wait out a nuclear winter, while those hundreds of thousands of elites would be living in plush underground cities well away from any harm,,


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