Elon Musk and whoever are his financial advisers are, believe his stock is overvalued.

by Circ-Le-Jerk

When the CEO himself is giving signs that they think their stock is overpriced, I think it’s time to start taking note. If anyone has a sense on when the irrationality will end, it’s probably him and his advisors.

This whole thing about Elon trying to cash out some stock to pay taxes as a nice guy, was an obvious BS excuse. Then the media comes out saying his REAL intention is to pay taxes that are due. Brilliant, double play to cover for his personal cash out.

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If Elon had faith that his stock still had room to grow, there is no chance in hell he’d be selling. He’d just be getting a loan to cover his tax liabilities, while his equity value increases. The fact that he’s trying to cash out shows he thinks it’s near peak and about to go down. All the media drama is just an attempt to retain value for as long as possible to distract and justify his cash out.

It’s crazy how I see NO ONE talking about this… And instead it’s all about “clever redditors” seeing his real intentions are to cover his tax liability. No it’s not.



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