Elon Musk quadruples down on ‘pedo’ claims

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From ZeroHedge:

Not even seven days after we pondered what part of Elon Musk’s PR genius compelled him to triple down on his claim that a British cave rescuer was a “pedo” than Musk was back at it. He has now reportedly quadrupled down on these claims, essentially going “all in” on his previous statements and labeling rescue diver Vern Unsworth a “child rapist” in an e-mail he sent to BuzzFeed news.

But wait, there’s more. As an added touch, Musk also called BuzzFeed news reporter Ryan Mac a “f—ing a–hole.”


We’re guessing that Tesla must be on its way to profitability and that Model 3 production must be through the roof, since Musk has apparently chosen to allocate his spare time in continuing to address whether or not a cave diver who helped save a youth soccer team trapped in a cave in Thailand is, in fact, a pedophile.

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Having previously labeled cave diver Vern Unsworth as “pedo guy” in a Tweet, Musk made these new claims in an email to BuzzFeed news, calling Unsworth a “child rapist” who had moved to Thailand in order to take a child bride “who was about 12 years old at the time.” Musk wrote:

“I suggest that you call people you know in Thailand, find out what’s actually going on and stop defending child rapists, you f—ing a–hole,” Musk wrote in the first message. “He’s an old, single white guy from England who’s been traveling to or living in Thailand for 30 to 40 years, mostly Pattaya Beach, until moving to Chiang Rai for a child bride who was about 12 years old at the time.”

Musk then followed up by stating “I f—ing hope he sues me.”

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Unsworth reportedly denied these accusations through his attorney to BuzzFeed.

The article notes that it is unclear why Musk believes this and whether or not he has proof of his claims. Even if he did, at this point, is this a narrative worth pursuing for the embattled CEO? Unsworth’s lawyer furthered his case that these statements were actionable in a statement to BuzzFeed.

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