Emergency Warning: Malicious Effort NOW Under Way to Take-Out Trump Supporters and Silence Them

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For More Information See:
(Jan. 28th) www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHrjj…

See also  Suspending Constitutional Rights is illegal even in an emergency and anyone who does so forfeits their job even if it’s the President.
See also  You’re probably in Big Tech’s database under the new category: “far-right militia.”

7 thoughts on “Emergency Warning: Malicious Effort NOW Under Way to Take-Out Trump Supporters and Silence Them

  1. This woman is so full of crap. She’s been on the net a couple of years now and nothing she has ever claimed ever came to fruition.

      • Really nothing, she and that guy Benjamin Fulford always post articles claiming fantastic or outrageous things are about to take place , and the Arrests or whatever they are claiming never happen. they both promote hysterical opinions stories. I think of them as entertainment media and never take them seriously.

  2. Are there not any laws that govern the veracity of what the media claims to be “facts” to the public? There should be! What is different about what the media does as compared to someone yelling “Fire!” in a crowded auditorium when there is no fire?
    And consider this-
    If Trump can take on a vicious lying USA establishment and WIN, imagine what the USA could do behind the new President if these same forces got in line behind Trump! They are traitors pure and simple because they put personal agendas ahead of the REAL needs of the USA!

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