ENTERING THE MINEFIELD: Can Central Banks Hold On? – Is Your Armor Ready?

by Thinker

Alternative media is talking about what the mainstream will make a point to distract the masses from the “TRUTH.” How long has Jsnip4 been talking about not having “ALL” your money in the bank??? Can you take it out now…don’t think so. How many lies are going to be exposed that was told to the American people when banks got bailed out???

Can the Central Banks hold on??? What is happening now???

Three hundred trillion of contracts to be changed??? Impact???

Exchange-Traded Bond Funds And Bond Mutual Funds Pack Special Risks & Surprises In A Downturn That Can Entail A Catastrophic Loss For Investors

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Four Reasons Why A Trade Deal Isn’t Coming This Weekend At The G-20 Meeting

Bill Holter – We’ve Reached the Point of Debt Saturation, Mad Max World Possible as Unpayable Debt Bubble Pops

Potential Impacts of Bailing Out Underfunded Pensions With Taxpayer Money

How right were the young people of America who protested and tried to wake up the older citizens who believed the lies at every bailout, and never taking the time to see where and who got the money??? What happened to the missing trillions that has been lost by the leaders in the U.S. government before Donald Trump and where is the missing billions of gold stolen from the falling twin towers in 9/11??? That money should be going toward every Veteran who has fought in “ANY” war or served for the U.S. military in “ANY” way!!! Who stole the money from the people and call themselves an American??? Who leaves the Veterans in the street, cold, hungry with nothing to eat???

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Those who call for the impeachment of Donald Trump do so, because they don’t want the “TRUTH.”


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