EPIC: Crowder Destroys Gun Control in 54 Seconds!! | Louder With Crowder

Steven Crowder goes nuclear on the exploitative gun-control advocates of recent public shooting in under 1-minute.

More than that, more than what is in the Constitution or what is written in any religious book, gun ownership is about self ownership. If you can’t defend yourself against deadly force when met with deadly force, you don’t own yourself. If you don’t own yourself, you can’t possibly own anything else be it your children, house or property. A government telling you that you can’t defend yourself against a criminal, rapist, murderer, kidnapper, or any kind of armed thug is telling you that you don’t own your own body. Any government with that much power has total control over its people. At that point the people are nothing more than a resource, subservient cattle and whether they’re put out to pasture to feed peacefully, mass murdered like in Russia, or fed to the savages like in South Africa, is a decision not made by the people anymore. Rather, it is made by those like Pelosi, Bush, Sanders, McCain and Clinton.
h/t TheWheelofTime