Collective AI Consciousness by 2050 Warns Expert at World Government Summit

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by Thinker
By 2050, humans will ditch speech and communicate using nothing but their thoughts. They’ll do this through a ‘collective AI consciousness’ that is part of the very fabric of the human brain and can reveal what anyone is thinking. Called HIBA, which stands for Hybrid Intelligence Biometric Avatar, the consciousness will take on the personas of its users and exchange information between them. That’s according to Marko Krajnovic, the producer of the exhibit in Dubai that is this week showcasing predictions by AI experts.

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How well do Americans play the game?
How many will finally see what is happening to them?
How many celebrated the arrival of the one who millions have given up everything to serve forever? Life as you know it is changing and by the time you get to the end of the video below it will have changed drastically. Will you take the red pill or the blue one?
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1 thought on “Collective AI Consciousness by 2050 Warns Expert at World Government Summit

  1. Transhumanism CRISPR DNA bio-engineering of future humans and electronic integration with the AI singularity is going to happen. It is no longer a question of morality. It is just going to happen. (1) It is probably the only viable method for humans to actually escape the celestial plane, explore the solar system, and advance to the stars, (2) not interested in being a part, perhaps moving to less advanced cultures like the Democratic Republic of the Congo would be best for you. Sorry, but it is going to happen.

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