EPS Expectations Falling Off A Cliff. The Fed Pivot Bailout Fantasy Is Sadly Buffoonish


Procter & Gamble Warns That American Consumers Are Starting to Crack Under Inflation

Procter & Gamble warned on July 29 that consumers are beginning to buckle under the weight of inflation, …

U.S. Facing ‘Perfect Storm’ for 2008-Like Housing Crisis: Economist

The U.S. is facing a “perfect storm” for a housing crisis similar to that of 2008, according to Jose Torres, a senior economist for Interactive Brokers.

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“If The Fed Marches On, They’re Creating Another Lehman Situation”, Larry McDonald Warns Powell Is “Pumping A False Narrative”

Larry McDonald thinks Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will soon be forced into another pivot because the financial system is under severe stress. «Our 21 Lehman systemic risk indicators globally are the highest since the financial crisis, a lot of these risk metrics blew through Covid levels,» says the macro strategist and former senior trader at Lehman Brothers.

Chicago PMI Unexpectedly Plunges To 2-Year Lows: That Has a Very Stagflationary Stench to It.

Against expectations of a modest decline, the Chicago PMI for July tumbled from 56.0 to 52.1 (well below the 55.0 expected) – the worst in 2 years…


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